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Cfo Services | How To Interpret Profit And Loss Statements

Entrepreneurs are making important financial decisions in their business, if they are basing your information on incorrect profit and loss statements, or if they don’t fully understand those statements, the decisions that they make may not positively impact the business says CFO services. It’s very important that entrepreneurs understand how to read those statements accurately, so that they can adequately know if they need to cut expenses in their business, or if they have enough money to be able to hire new staff or by important pieces of equipment that can help the business grow. Often, business owners can’t wait for their fiscal year end statements to come back from the accountant, in order to make this is very financial decisions. By being able to understand how to read their statements, they can be more proactive in their business, which will help them make the best financial decisions for their business.

One of the first things that business owners should keep in mind when they are reviewing their profit loss statement, is that they can be significantly helpful for them to look at a six-month comparative profit and loss statement. CFO services says that this is because it can give them a better idea of the whole health their business by looking at several months at once. Business owners can better see trends, anomalies and errors. Looking at six months of time can be a powerful tool for helping business owners understand what’s going on in their business.

The next thing that business owners should keep in mind when they’re reviewing their profit and loss statements, is that when there reviewing interim statements, there is a higher chance that there are errors in those statements so in order to overcome this, business owners should look at their balance sheet first before looking at their income statement. But completely understanding their balance sheet, business owners can be a better position to judge whether their income statement has errors on it or not.

Business owners should also understand that when they are reviewing their expenses of their business, they should keep the salary that they take it out of their business separate from the expenses of their business. The reason for that, is that business owners should not use the cost of their salary is determining how successful their business is says CFO services all others expenses should be taken into consideration, but the business owner salary should be included in the activity of the business.

When entrepreneurs can learn how to read to their financial statements in their business, they will be able to see their profit as well as their expenses, and what they need to do in order to minimize their expenses and increase their revenue. By being able to do that throughout the year, business owners will be able to help the business stay profitable throughout the year. Business owners who wait for the financial year end statements in order to affect change in their business to be more profitable, may find that they are not acting quick enough and their business may suffer for it.

Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to read their financial statements in their business says CFO services, so they are not as equipped as they could be how to help keep their business profitable and moving in the right direction. Entrepreneurs that are able to review their statements throughout the year, and adjust their finances in response to what they see, can help their business avoid the cash crunch that causes so many other businesses to have two close their doors.

One of the most important things that a business owner can reviewing their business is the income statement says CFO services. This can be a powerful comparison tool, but one of the most important things to remember is that this statement is at its most powerful when it is simple and easy to read. If there are too many subcategories, it can be too difficult to read, and it often ends up on more than one sheet. Business owners should resist the urge to over categorize their income statement, so that they can have a simple easy to read report.

Another important aspect of the income statement is that it should be arranged numerically descending from the top says CFO services. The reason for this, is so that the most significant expenses that a business owner will have in their business will appear at the top of the list while the least important expenses appear at the bottom. If an entrepreneur would like to make a big impact on the expenses of their business, then they should spend time minimizing expenses better at the top. Examples of the most significant expenses that a business owner will have at the top of this list is rent and administrative staff.

When business owners are reviewing the information on their income statement, they should take into consideration that there shouldn’t be any negative numbers on their income statement. CFO services says that this typically indicates that there is an error which is really good for a business owner to know ahead of time. The air is usually just a misclassification of numbers, which is easy enough to overcome. There’s almost never going to be a time where a negative number will appear on an income statement.

Once business owners understand fully what’s in their income statement, and how to read it, it can become an extremely powerful tool for business owners to help guide them in their business. Not only can understanding it help them decide how they can impact their expenses in their business, but it can also help them see how profitable their business is, which can help them create strategies on how to increase their profits. It’s very important that business owners understand what to look for and how to organize it, in order to get the most information they can out of the report.