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CFO Services | Ensuring Google Adwords is Working By Tracking Clicks


It’s very important that business owners are advertising says it’s CFO Services. Because if they don’t, they are putting their business in Jeopardy. The number one reason why businesses in Canada fail is that they are unable to find the customers to sell their products and services to. This is not because those customers don’t exist, it’s because those customers are looking online. If business owners are not also advertising here, there are missing a prime opportunity to sell their products and services to their ideal customers at a time when they are ready to make a purchase.

When business owners are ready to advertise online, they should be advertising on Google. The reason why says CFO Services, is because this is the website that consumers use when they are ready to make a purchase. If business owners don’t believe this, they only need to think of their own example, and how they would behave. For example, if the business owner’s basement had unexpectedly sprung a leak, and was flooding. in order to find an emergency plumber in their area quickly, what would a business owner do? CFO Services says that if their answer is going to Google and look for plumbers in their area, that will illustrate why business owners need to be advertising here.

The products that Google sells is called AdWords. How it works, is by allowing business owners to bid on keywords that are their ideal customers will likely use when they are searching for their products or services. Every time one of those customers does a Google Search and uses those keywords, Google will put the business owners add into the search results. They will ensure that the ad is at the top of the search results, over the organic results, and even above the Map listing. This will ensure that customers are much more likely to click on those ads instead of the organic listing, and increasing the number of people that are seeing that business website.

The thing that’s most important to keep in mind, is that business owners need to track how many people are seeing they’re at, and keep track of how many people are clicking on their ad. Business owners need to understand that people will need to see their ad 4.3 times before they click on it, in order for it to be successful. CFO Services says that business owners need to ensure that they are keeping track of this so they can judge how many people are seeing their ad, and how many people are clicking on it so that they can help increase those numbers.

The sooner a business owner can advertise on Google, the sooner they’re going to be able to increase their revenue in their business says it’s CFO services. In order to overcome the odds that business owners face, this is how business owners will be able to find the market for their products and services so that they can grow their business.

CFO Services | Ensuring Google Adwords is Working By Tracking Clicks

When people are advertising online, CFO Services says that they should be advertising on Google first. The reason why many people don’t is that it can be very overwhelming, and people might opt for more user-friendly advertising like Facebook. However, the reason why the recommendation is for Google is that it’s where more consumers go to find products and services that they are ready to buy than any other website in the world. Therefore, if a business owner would like to have their ad in front of thousands of people every day who are looking to purchase those products and services, they should be using Google AdWords.

In order to help ensure that the Google AdWords campaign is as effective as possible, business owners need to set aside a tour of their week in order to look at the analytics says CFO Services. They need to see how many people are viewing their ad on a weekly basis, compared to how many people are clicking on the ad. Business owners will need to see about four or five times more Impressions than clicks. However, the more that they can decrease the number of times that a consumer needs to see the ad before they click on it, the better.

One thing that business owners can do is ensure that they are creating a very attractive addition to click on says it’s CFO Services. How they are going to do this, is by creating the most attractive offer that they can in the fewest amount of words possible. People need to know that consumers’ attention spans are very short, and even shorter when they are online. Therefor business owners needed to be very concise, and say a lot in a very few amount of words.

The way that they can make their ad very attractive is by creating a no-brainer offer says it’s CFO services. This often includes giving something away for free if people will become a customer right away. By giving something away, it can help reduce the number of times that it takes people seeing an ad before they will click on it. But also, by giving something Away, business owners can increase the effectiveness of their Google AdWords campaign. If people think that giving something away cheapens their product or their company, this is not true. The largest corporations in the world and the highest luxury brands in the world all give things away for free to their customers. Therefor business owners don’t need to worry about it for themselves. For example, Tesla, the luxury car company gives free fuel away for life when you buy one of their cars.

When business owners are creating an effective Google AdWords campaign, CFO Services says that they need to come up with an extremely good offer, craft their ad carefully, and monitor the analytics on a weekly basis. Once they do this, they will be able to grow their company large by selling even more products and services.