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CFO Services | Differentiating Factors Are Competitive Advantages

An entrepreneur might not know what is meant by a differentiating factor says CFO services. Or think that all differentiating factors are competitive advantages. While many differentiating factors are definitely competitive advantages. What a differentiating factor is, is something that sets the business apart from the competition.

On the other hand, competitive advantages are ways that the business is better than the competition. And that is why some competitive advantages can be differentiating factors. But not necessarily the other way around.

And the reason why it’s important for an entrepreneur to know what their differentiating factors are. Is because that can help them find who their ideal and likely customers are.

For example, a grocery store that opens up in a shopping plaza near a residential area. We’ll have a differentiating factor then grocery stores that are in the middle of a commercial area, requiring all customers to get there by car or Transit.

another example of a differentiating factor could be great and unique branding says CFO services. Especially in an industry that has a lot of competition. Such as Realtors, having an extremely unique brand not only can help a business get remembered. When other businesses might get overlooked.

But with unique branding, businesses can not only stand out from the crowd. But it’s less likely that they are going to get confused with other businesses. Because of the uniqueness. Whether it’s color, style, or something else. Having a unique brand can be an extremely good differentiating Factor.

Even customer experience can count as a differentiating factor says CFO Services. If a store was to offer a personal shopper for everyone who walks through the doors. Or if they would offer child-minding services while people are using the services of the business. Providing excellent customer service. And going over and above what many people think is essential. Can be the reason many customers choose to utilize that business over the competition.

Even the unique features of their products can be a great differentiating Factor says CFO services. For example, home builder gives a 3-year warranty rather than one year. Can get a lot of people wanting to build their home through them. Because of the longer warranty.

Online ordering, free pick up or free delivery, valet parking, can all be differentiating factors for a business. And the more they understand what they’re differentiating factor is says CFO Services. The more they’re going to be able to capitalize on it.

They will be able to figure this out by writing on a sheet of paper all of the ways that their business is different from the competition. And then looking at that entire list, and narrowing it down to about three items that they are going to specialize in doing exceptionally well.

Once they know what they are going to do extremely well. Then they can build a marketing plan around their ideal clients, and what message to send them consistently. Just share the way that they are different than their competition.

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There are many reasons why an entrepreneur might want to specify their competitive advantages to CFO services. Along with their differentiating factors. Not only is it important for business owners to know so that they can develop their own company identity. But also, knowing this information is important to help create an effective marketing plan.

The reason why this is so important is that the majority of business owners that fail say that they were unable to find customers for their product or service. And while this might mean that they did not even attempt to Market their business. As some entrepreneurs think that it’s going to be easier than it is to get sales.

But knowing this information ahead of time. Can help an entrepreneur develop a great marketing plan. Because they will know who their ideal and likely customers are. And what is there purchasing decision? So that they can get a consistent message to them to sell their products and services.

Once an entrepreneur has figured this out, not only should they put it in their marketing plan. But that marketing plan should go inside their business plan. So that all of the most important information about what the business does, how they make money, and how they’re going to find customers can all be in one, living Document.

How an entrepreneur should come up with their differentiating factors, is simply by making a list of all of the ways that they are different from their competition. CFO Services recommends entrepreneurs choose about three of those things that they’re going to be extremely good at. So that they can be attracting clients for providing that differentiating factor exceptionally well.

It’s also important that an entrepreneur puts their differentiating factors into the executive summary of their business plan. This is arguably one of the most important sections of the entire business plan for a multitude of reasons it says CFO Services.

Not only is this often the only section that financial institutions read. As they make their decision to lend company money or not. But also, if an entrepreneur does not have time to read their entire business plan as they get busier. CFO Services says that if all of the most important aspects of the business plan are in the executive summary. All in entrepreneur has to do is review the executive summary on a regular basis. To be reminded of the most important factors of their business.

The differentiating factors can be everything from the quality of products or the quality of materials and ingredients used in the products. Two exceptional customer service, or unique features of the business. Such as dry cleaners that will pick up as well as drop off your dry cleaning.

By knowing what way they are going to set themselves from the competition. Can help an entrepreneur find their ideal and likely customers. While at the same time carving out an identity for the business that is going to help them succeed.