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CFO Services | Common Questions People Have When Hiring CPAs

It extremely important when entrepreneurs are hiring an accountant for their business says CFO services, that they hire a chartered rational accountant. The reason why, is because chartered professional accountants have far more experience due to their CPA course, and can help entrepreneurs much more significantly. Since half of all businesses fail in Canada within five years, hiring an experienced chartered professional accountants can help entrepreneurs avoid the three most common reasons why businesses fail. In order to do that, businesses often have lots of questions when it comes to hiring chartered professional accountants for their business.

One of the first questions that entrepreneurs have, is can people build professional accounting designation start a firm? The surprising answer to this question is yes they can says CFO services. Many people not just entrepreneurs believe that all professionals that call themselves accountants have the same education says CFO Services. This is unfortunately not true, someone that has just an undergraduate degree and not their CPA designation can open up their own firm. Therefore it is extremely important that entrepreneurs know this, because if they think that every accounting firm that they find or walk into will have a CPA on staff, they might be wrong.

The second question that entrepreneurs often have is: how long does take to become a chartered professional accountant? The undergraduate degree that ever and who goes to the chartered professional accounting program has is for years, but once they go through the CPA program it is a minimum of three years says CFO services.

The next question that entrepreneurs often have is what is involved in the articling process to help the CPA get there designation? Working in and accounting firm as well as completing the necessary coursework and tests in their spare time. Therefore chartered professional accountants have a minimum of seven years experience half of it theoretical and the other half practical says CFO services.

The question is how does the program replicate the difficulties with real-life decisions? The coursework that the accountant is doing is designed to mimic real-life situations, and represent actual situations that are likely to happen. These are called cases, and it will give the accountant as much information as they can to help them solve a problem. In addition to the coursework that replicates typical accounting situations, they are also working full-time in an accounting firm, working with real businesses and helping them actually solve real problems.

Many entrepreneurs wonder what the pass rate is for the CPA program. This actually is much lower than a lot of people assume, and while they do not publish the actual numbers, the estimated number of people who pass is about 50%. It is an extremely difficult program, and it is designed to be very hard.

When business owners understand the difference between undesignated accountants and chartered professional accountants, will be able to make the decision of which professional they like to hire in their business, to help them overcome their business and financial problems and succeed.

CFO Services | Common Questions People Have When Hiring CPAs

If entrepreneurs do not understand how important it is to have the right accountant in their business, they may hire the wrong accountant says CFO services. Perhaps they believe that they will be able to save money for their business by stating on the hourly rate, and when they do that, hire someone with a lower skill set. Business owners should understand what the differences are between chartered professional accountants and undesignated accountants so that they can make the decision that is right for their business.

One of the first things that entrepreneurs can understand, is when they are hiring the right chartered professional accountant for their business, is how to verify that they are a chartered professional accountant. CFO services says that entrepreneurs should check the name of the firm to see if it has the following letters after the firmís name: CA, CMA, CGA, CPA or LLP. Or, they might even have the words chartered professional accountants or professional associations. These are surefire ways that entrepreneurs can be certain that the accountant that they are hiring is a chartered professional accountant. Many entrepreneurs may think that they counted that they found that does not have those indicators may have accidentally forgot that information on their company name. CFO services says that this is not likely the case, because chartered professional accountants had to work extremely hard to get that designation, and there not likely to going to be forgetting to put the most important information about their business in their company name.

Something else that entrepreneurs often wonder is due chartered professional accountants charge more money per hour then undesignated accountants? And for the most part chartered professional accountants do charge more money per hour, but that does not necessarily mean that their bills are to be higher. Undesignated accountants often have a lower hourly charge, but because they are not as efficient at doing businesses finances, they take more time to do the job. These additional hours that an accountant has to put in to get the job done, ends up being higher monthly bill at the end of the month. Business owners should not hire based on low hourly rate, because not only did they often end up with a higher bill, they also often end up with a poor product at the end.

Another question is entrepreneurs often wonder if the accountantís expertise will affect the rate of taxes that they will pay. Again, CFO services says that this is often the case, because the more experienced the accounting is, the better tax plan they will be able to create. A great and efficient tax plan can help an entrepreneur save thousands of dollars a year in taxes and inexperienced accountant may be able to do a tax plan, but it may not be most efficient one, which could definitely negatively impact an entrepreneur.