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CFO Services | Are Clicks More Important Than Impressions


It’s very important that business owners are able to look at Google Analytics when they start their Google AdWord campaign says CFO Services. The reason why this is so important is that a campaign may not be immediately successful, or productive. A business owner must look at the metric, and make small adjustments in order to see if that generates more results or not. It’s not an exact science, and business owners need to play around with the keywords that they use, their weekly ad spend budget, and what they need to look at is the number of Impressions they have, the number of clicks they get and how many of those clicks turn into leads.

Business owners often think that leads are the most important thing to keep track of when they are looking at their Google AdWords results. Unfortunately, this is not true says CFO Services. Business owners must look at other metrics in order to determine why they’re getting that number of leads. Whether it’s a high number or a low number, business owners need to know why. This way they can either fix it, or they can duplicate it for future results.

Many business owners think that they need to Simply keep track of the number of clicks that they’re getting because that’s how many people see their ad and Click on it. But it’s very important that business owners look at the whole picture, starting with the number of people that see their ad, the number of people that click on their ad, and the number of people that become a lead says CFO Services.

Therefore, business owners need to keep in mind that clicks are not more important than Impressions. But impressions are also not more important than clicks. Business owners should keep in mind that since an ad should be seen an average of 4.3 times before a consumer clicks on it, they’re going to need to have thousands of impressions. However, a business owner is going to need to have hundreds of people clicking on their ads in order to generate a few leads. This is why there is no one metric that is more important than the other one.

Business owners need to know what it means if they are getting a lot of Impressions and not a lot of clicks. CFO Services says that’s a likely culprit will be that an entrepreneur has chosen and extremely broad keyword. This means it’s appearing in a lot of people’s searches. But it’s not appearing in enough ideal and likely buyers. Another reason why a business owner will have a lot of Impressions but not a lot of clicks is that they have an ineffective ad. And God needs to be incredibly enticing and also incredibly short to capture the attention of customers quickly and encourage them to click on it.

My understanding but all of the different metrics means, and what a business owner can do themselves to affect changes to their Google ad campaign, can help them increase the number of Impressions, increase the number of clicks and ultimately increase the revenue in their business.

CFO Services | Are Clicks More Important Than Impressions

Business owners will do themselves a great big favor if they learn how to advertise on Google AdWords before they even need to says CFO Services. The reason why is because this is the most effective online marketing that a business owner can easily buy. For the amount of money that it takes an entrepreneur to generate results, business owners will not be able to find a more effective online marketing strategy than Google AdWords. However, it does come with a learning curve. And if business owners don’t learn about it ahead of time, they can end up wasting a lot of time and a lot of money without generating results. Therefore, when business owners learn the basics first, they can create a very effective business plan that will indicate exactly what they need to do in their business to run an effective Google AdWords campaign. When their business reaches that point, business owners don’t even have to think about it they just have to implement their plan and start increasing the revenue of their business.

Well, there are many things for business owners to keep track of when it comes to a Google AdWord campaign, it can be very easy to learn. CFO Services says that this fear of not knowing what to do causes a lot of people to hesitate and advertising on Google because it’s overwhelming. They opted for more user-friendly advertising options like Facebook. But this is a bad choice because this is not the most effective way to spend their online marketing dollars. While Facebook can be effective, it should not be the first thing that business owners do I need to find customers.

Business owners also should keep in mind that when they are generating their campaign, not only do they need to choose the right keywords, but they also need to craft the right ad. The right keywords and the right ad is going to allow business owners to turn the number of people that see their ad called impressions in two clicks. CFO Services says that business owners should keep in mind that they are looking for thousands of Impressions to equal hundreds of clicks. Ideally, business owners should have four times as many impressions as clicks. But the more a business owner can do to reduce that number the better.

It might take some trial-and-error to come up with an effective marketing strategy for AdWords says CFO Services. However, once a business owner finds the great combination, they’re going to be able to generate a lot of leads for their business and increase the revenue for their business. While it may take a little bit of trial and error, if they are starting from a place of knowledge, they’re going to have better results than if they did not learn anything about Google AdWords first and try to run a successful campaign. But how important it is for business owners to find customers to buy their products and services, all entrepreneurs should know how to advertise on Google.