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Business Consultant | Working Twelve Hour Day

When business owners here in their business consultant that they should working twelve hour day. They might feel very tempted to work a twelve hour day starting at nine in the morning. But there are many reasons why this is ineffective. And should be avoided by all business owners.

The first reason why business owners should avoid working twelve hour day starting at nine in the morning. And working twelve our day starting at six in the morning. Is because the types of activities that they need to do first in the day.

Since an entrepreneur has the best intellectual capacity first thing in the morning. They should get all of their most difficult tasks accomplished first thing in the morning.

And what are an entrepreneurs most difficult tasks? Typically, these are the tasks that a business owner needs to work on by themselves. And take a lot of thought processes.

By working on these first thing in the morning, before anybody else gets to work. Means that entrepreneurs will be able to get not only as much done as they possibly can.

But it also means that they are going to be able to get their absolute best work done. Because they are at their best intellectual capacity to think critically. Which will allow them to get a high level of work done.

If they try to stay late, and do all of their most difficult work done at night instead. Their ability for making decisions and working hard will be very depleted.

And not only will they be not able to get high quality of work done. But they will also not be able to get as much done. Because they will not be able to work efficiently due to their lowered capacity to think.

Therefore, when business owners are able to work on their most difficult tasks when their brain is at its peak capacity. It will help them work more effectively and efficiently.

Something else that they are going to be able to do first thing in the morning according to business consultant. Is prepare for meetings later on in the day.

This is going to significantly help entrepreneurs. Because reviewing the information the same day as the meeting. Will show clients that the entrepreneur knows their stuff extremely well. And will result in a better quality meeting.

When an entrepreneur stays late in their business. In order to get more accomplished. The meeting preparation that they do. Will likely be a lower quality. And that they are going to go home into sleep. Which will result in them getting a lot of the information that they refute.

These are just some of the reasons why business consultant recommends entrepreneurs getting up early in order to work a twelve hour day. Instead of starting at nine in the morning and working in twelve hour day.

The sooner that business owners can implement this strategy in their business. The sooner they are going to get more accomplished in their day. Which will allow them to complete strategic priorities quicker and reach their goals.

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand that a twelve hour day can help them succeed says business consultant. And the sooner they switch over to a twelve hour day, the better.

However, business owners also need to take into consideration. That a twelve hour day that starts at six in the morning is far more advantageous. Then a twelve hour day that starts at nine in the morning.

Even though rush-hour traffic does not seem like it is a huge deal to many people. Especially people who have been driving and rush-hour traffic for years. It actually has a negative impacts on a person’s ability to think critically.

How this works, is driving through rush-hour traffic stresses people out says business consultant. As they have to start and stop, get cut off by other drivers. And miss making lights that could get them farther along.

And typically, as people drive in rush-hour traffic. They start to get stressed out that they are not making progress, and they are not going to get to work when they want to.

And while none of these things seem like a huge deal says business consultant. That stress will affect a person’s ability to think critically. Because it activates their emotional response section of their brain. Which decreases their ability to access their intellectual sides of their brain.

Therefore, when business owners get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and start work at six. They are going to be able to miss a lot of that rush-hour traffic. That stresses them out. And cause them to be ineffective thinkers.

Also, business consultant says it can be very motivational. For entrepreneurs to get up on time with their alarm clock. Which can take some discipline. But once they are able to get up when their alarm clock rings.

That can help them feel the motivation that they need to continue accomplishing tasks. This works, because people actually develop a sense of motivation from getting something done.

So the sooner they can get something done. The sooner they can start feeling motivated. So that when they get to work, they are already excited and ready to go.

It is also going to help inspire and motivate their employees to show up on time. When they themselves show up on time as well.

It can be very difficult for business owner to encourage their staff to show up at eight morning. When they do not get there that early themselves.

This can also help nip problem employees in the bud. Or encourage them to not be tardy. Because the business owner will already be there when their employees get there in the morning.

So when business owners are able to work at twelve hour day starting at six in the morning. It is going to help them significantly get motivated, get more accomplished. And encourage their employees to be on the same page as they are. So that they as a business can get more accomplished in their business.