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Business Consultant | Working Twelve Hour Day Is Necessary

Being a business owner is very hard, which is why many of them hire a business consultant. Their business consultant can share with them secrets of what they need to to do in order to be successful.

And one of the first secrets that they will share with an entrepreneur. Is that it is important to work a twelve hour day in their business. The reason why, is because there is so much that is owner needs to accomplish.

That if they were working a regular eight hour day as a business owner. They would never get everything accomplished. That would allow a business owner to succeed and grow their business.

However, while many people will agree that they can see the benefits of working twelve hour day. They are also not convinced. That the day needs to start with them waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. And showing up at work by 6 AM.

However, there are many reasons why business consultant recommends entrepreneurs utilize this specific schedule. And all the most successful entrepreneurs keep this schedule in order to help their business be the best it can be.

The first reason why business owners should start work at 6 o’clock in the morning. Is because people can generally do harder tasks first thing in the morning. Rather than later on in their day.

The reason why, is because people only have a certain amount of intellectual capacity to spend every single day. And as they solve problems, make decisions and complete tasks. Their ability to do more intellectual thinking decreases.

This is why writers recommend getting up and writing first thing in the morning. As well as why students write tests first thing in the morning.

And in fact, people score lower on IQ tests that were given later in the day. Then when they took them first thing in the morning. Proving that people think better in the morning.

And when they show up two or three hours before their business opens. Not only will they be able to use that intellectual ability to accomplish more tasks in their business.

But they will it be able to do so uninterrupted, and get even more done. Then they would later on in the day. But also this uninterrupted time.

Is the reason why business owners need to work early instead of later on in the day. Because from 6 o’clock in the morning until 9 o’clock in the morning, an entrepreneur is likely to not get any interruptions.

But between 5 o’clock and not o’clock in the evening. They are likely going to get a lot of text messages, phone calls and social media interruptions. That become even harder to resist checking.

As they lose their intellectual capacity by using it through the day. This is why it is recommended that entrepreneurs work a twelve hour day starting earlier in the morning.

But this is also going to ensure that they get to get home to their family in time to have dinner and spend the evening with their spouse and children. So that they can feel refreshed for another difficult twelve hour day in the morning.

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When entrepreneurs start their own business, they may not know everything that they need to do to be as successful as possible according to business consultant. And one of the first things they learn, is that they must work a twelve hour day.

The reason why working a twelve hour day is so important. Is so that they can get everything that they need to have done accomplished.

Especially since most business owners will underestimate exactly what they can get done in a year of business ownership. Therefore, their goals are typically much loftier than they realize.

But they also underestimate what they need to work on every single day. In order to reach those goals. Which is where working with the business consultant can be very beneficial.

Because they can help a business owner understand exactly what they need to work on every single day. In order to accomplish those goals. Typically means learning that they must work a twelve hour day instead of an eight hour day in their business.

And when a business owner should start that twelve hour day is just as important. As the act of working twelve hours in a day. Which is also something that they can learn from their consultant.

The reason why working a twelve hour day starting at six in the morning is beneficial. Is because it can actually help an entrepreneur save time. For example, by avoiding rush-hour traffic.

When business owners are driving to work at five thirty in the morning. They are going to be able to get to work a lot faster. Then if they were driving to work at eight thirty in the morning. Because of fewer cars on the road.

Not only will they be able to get to work faster. Which will allow them to spend less time in a car. That saves time makes a huge difference. Especially when someone is working a twelve hour day.

However, that is not the only thing that avoiding rush-hour traffic does for a business owner. It also decreases their stress level. And studies show that rush-hour traffic can significantly increase people’s stress levels.

Therefore, avoiding rush-hour traffic can keep entrepreneurs from arriving at work already stressed out. But what a high stress level also does to a person’s brain. Is it activates their emotional response centre. And decreases their critical thinking centre of the brain.

Which means they will be less effective to make decisions at work. And less able to do quality work simply by arriving to work in rush-hour traffic.

As well, business owners can demonstrate to their staff that they are also willing to show up to work on time and even early. And leading by example.

Can help cultivate an environment where all employees not only show up to work on time. But are willing to go the extra mile because they are being led by example.

There are so many benefits to starting a workday at 6 o’clock in the morning. Which is why so many entrepreneurs are being told by their business consultant to do this in order to succeed.