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Business Consultant | Work Schedules Should Start Early

When business owners are creating their time block schedule says business consultant. They know that they should be scheduling a twelve hour day. But they might not realize that the twelve hour day needs to start as early as 6 o’clock in the morning.

In fact, many business owners think that they are going to be able to work a twelve hour day by starting work on time. And then working later into the evening.

And while that sounds like an effective plan on paper. Nighttime hours are not just as productive as morning hours for several different reasons.

The first reason why nighttime hours are not as productive is because a business owner is likely going to have a lot of distractions. Whether this is phone calls and texts from friends and family.

Or whether these interruptions are social media, or just wanting to leave work and spend time with their friends and family. Business owners tend to be less efficient with their time in the evening.

As well, business owners can expect to be less productive in the evening. Because they have already spent all of their intellectual capital for the day. Everyone has a certain amount of intellectual ability when they start their day.

And as they make decisions, solve problems and work on tasks. The ability to tackle new problems and work gets diminished.

If a business owner saves all of the most difficult tasks until they are alone at work, at the end of their day. They may find that it more difficult than ever. To work effectively on these problems.

And not only will they work slower, and get less accomplished. But the work that they do will be lower quality work. Because they have already spent all of their intellectual ability earlier on in the day.

As well, business owners need to consider that this schedule is something that they need to follow on a long-term basis. And never having an evening off with their friends and family.

Or having any ability to work on their hobbies. Can be very difficult. Which is why business consultant recommends against a long-term schedule of staying later into the evening.

And when some business owners complain that it is too hard to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. Business consultant also says business owners do not excel, but doing the same thing that everybody else does.

And if entrepreneurs want to succeed. They needs to be willing to do something a little bit different. And if that means waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning five or six days a week.

In order to be successful. That is a very small price to pay to be successful in their business. And once business owners get used to waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. That can provide them with a sense of accomplishment. That can help them stay motivated for the rest of their day.

In order to succeed in business. Entrepreneurs need to be able to get a significant amount of work done in a day. Which is why they recommend business owners get up at 5 o’clock in the morning and be at work for six in the morning. Instead of working later into the night.

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Creating an effective time block schedule is very important to a business owner’s success according to their business consultant. And business owners quickly find out when they are creating their schedule.

That they need to work twelve hours every day. In order to get all of the tasks they want to get done accomplished. However, many business owners struggle with figuring out where those extra four hours should come from.

When business owners start their day when their business opens. Business consultant says they often miss out on great opportunities to get a lot accomplished. By not coming in early on in the morning.

One important reason why business owners should start work early on in the morning. Is because the resources and people they often need to coordinate with. Tend to be available during the day.

If business owners tried to get a lot accomplished by working after their business closed. They might find out that the people they need to talk to are not available because businesses are closed.

Whether these are contractors, salespeople, their vendors or suppliers. They typically will be free during the day. And in entrepreneur might discover this while they are working late at night. Which means they have to put off the task that there trying to work on until the next day.

However, if business owners are working first thing in the morning. And they have a question for these people. They will be able to coordinate with them as soon as businesses open. To get the tasks that they need to get done accomplished.

Business owners also need to understand that arriving early can help set the tone for employees. It is very motivating for employees to be told that they need to get to work by a certain time.

And when they show up for work, the business owner is already there, and working as well. If a business owner is not there when their employees come to work.

The employees can start to wonder if it is truly important to be at work on time. And if they are late occasionally. There is no one there to reprimand them. And it can quickly become habit.

Therefore, it is important that business owners lead by example. And set the tone for the workplace. By giving an example that showing up on time is important.

It also shows employees that a business owner will not ask the staff to do something that they themselves are not willing to. So it is very important that they show their employees that they can arrive on time as well.

Another reason why business owners should get in the habit of working a twelve hour day. By getting to work at six in the morning. Is because eventually, it is going to allow them to get so much accomplished.

That working a twelve hour day will facilitate a vacation for them. And while a vacation is not going to be possible for the first few months or even year. The more a business owner can get accomplished in a day. And the farther ahead that they can get so that they can eventually start taking time for themselves.

There so many reasons why business owners should working twelve hour day by starting at 6 o’clock in the morning. Business consultant says all of the most successful entrepreneurs do this as well. So the new business owner needs to follow suit.