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Business Consultant | Why Individual Interviews Are an Effective

While many business owners have very poor luck with their interview process says business consultant. They often assume it is because they are asking the wrong questions.

However, no matter how many great questions an entrepreneur think south. It is not likely to help them choose the right employee for their business. Because the problem is not poor interview questions. The problem is that they are not interviewing the right candidates.

As an entrepreneur has a need to hire an employee in their business. They will advertise for the position, and start reading the resumes as they come into the business. This is the first way that they are wasting time.

Since 80% of candidates live on their resume in some form or another. This is a very poor indication of who would be the right people to interview. Often leaving out people who would be a great fit for their business, but they are not even being considered.

Not only is an entrepreneur wasting a lot of time by reading resumes. But they are also ensuring that they are not meeting as many people as they should be meeting. In order to be able to interview the people who could be the right fit for their business.

This is why one of the things that the business consultant teaches entrepreneurs. Is how to conduct group interviews. So that not only can they save time. They can also be more likely to meet higher quality people, that would be a great fit for their business.

When entrepreneurs conduct group interviews, the first thing that they do differently says business consultant. Is set aside an hour in their day every single week. That they are going to conduct regular group interviews.

The next thing that they are going to do, is take out a help wanted ad and leave it run for the entire year. So that they can start getting resumes into their business. Whether they are immediately hiring in their business or not.

The third step in this process, is simply to invite all candidates who apply. To the next couple available interview slots. So that a business owner can be able to meet all of the applicants that show an interest.

They should send a few different interview spots. In case the interview time is not good for candidates one week or another. But they will not be able to accommodate individual interviews. So if the timing is not right for a candidates. Then they are not right fit for the business.

When the interview day arrives. They should ensure that all candidates are showing up on time. And when the interview starts, they can lock the door. So that late applicants will not be admitted.

And by meeting all applicants that are interested in showing up. And by discounting the ones that will not show up on time. Business owners can already start to meet more people, and increase the chances of one of those people that they are meeting, will be the right fit for their business.

Although one-on-one interviews are an effective says business consultant. Many entrepreneurs are aware of this, but do not know of any alternative ways of interviewing people. And is in fact, a reason why so many entrepreneurs struggle as small business owners.

According to industry Canada, not only are half of all small businesses failing in Canada within five years. But there are common reasons why these entrepreneurs are failing. And not being able to find or keep staff is one of these common obstacles.

In fact, while 50% of small businesses fail. 23% of all failed business owners attribute their failure. To not be able to find or keep staff in their business. And while so many entrepreneurs struggle with this. They continue to use an ineffective interview method.

Individual interviews are not effective for small business owners. Simply because they are not able to meet enough people this way. To increase their chances of one of those people being the right fit for their business.

In fact, studies have shown that business owners need to meet hundred people. In order for one of those people to be the right fit in their particular organization. And one-on-one interviews ensure that business owners can never meet that amount of people.

While larger companies continue to use one-on-one interviews. They are able to do this, because they have the resources to meet enough people. In order to meet the most talented people. To hire in their organization.

These large companies have their own HR department. Who can interview every single day, every single week and every single month. And can meet hundreds of people if they need to. However, business owners of small organizations cannot do the same thing.

In fact, business owners have very little time at all. Which is one of the reasons why they hesitate when business consultant recommends hosting regular, ongoing group interviews.

And while group interviews it seems like a waste of time. That requires business owners to spend time interviewing candidates. Whether they have an immediate opening in their business or not. Group interviews actually takes less time for an entire year.

Then an entrepreneur hiring one employee, utilizing the one on one interview method. Because according to glassdoor, this method takes approximately twenty-three days in order to find one employee. And business owners are rarely able to ensure that the one employee they find is effective.

While the group interview method does take an hour a week. But in entire year, that is just two days of time spent. Instead of the twenty-three set aside for one-on-one interviews.

Therefore, when business owners are able to learn from business consultant about the right style of interview. They are going to be able to not only meet more people, and increase the chances of those people being the right fit for their business.

But they will also be able to be better able to identify who those people are. And be able to always hire the highest-quality people in their business.