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Business Consultant | Why Hold Group Interviews

One thing that many entrepreneurs will learn if they hire business consultant. And that is that they should be conducting group interviews on an ongoing basis. Although, many entrepreneurs may not understand the reasons why.

According to industry Canada, not only do 50% of small businesses in Canada fail within five years. But the most common reasons why small businesses in Canada fail. Is because they cannot find enough customers, they run out of money. And they are unable to find or keep the right staff in their business.

And the reason why business owners are often not able to find or keep the right staff in their business. Is because they are not meeting the right candidates when they interview them. And end up hiring people who are not the best fit for the business.

Often, people start looking for new employees only when they have an immediate need. Which means by the time they start receiving resumes. Business owners will have had the need to fill the spot for several days already.

And then, they will start reading resumes, in order to figure out to who the best candidates to bring in for an interview are. Despite the fact that resumes are very poor way of choosing people to interview.

Especially because the majority of candidates a on their resume according to business consultant. Therefore, they spend a significant amount of time, without guaranteeing that any of the people that they choose to interview. Our the right fit for their business.

Then, entrepreneurs will need to arrange individual interviews with the chosen candidates. Which can take a lot of time as they have to call the candidates, leave messages. And even reschedule interview times if needed.

So by the time an entrepreneur is conducting interviews, they have already put several hours into the process. And several days, if not longer have gone by. That they have not even started narrowing down who they are going to choose to replace their employee.

Then, if people show up late or not at all to the interview. That is more time that an entrepreneur has wasted. And when they do start conducting interviews, they have no way of knowing candidates that they are interviewing. Our the right fit for the business.

Which is why entrepreneurs often spend a lot of time trying to figure out better interview questions. Thinking that the better the interview question, the better they will be able to determine who is the right fit for the business.

When in fact, the problem is not the interview questions or even the interview process. But the fact that they are not meeting enough candidates, to have the right one be interviewed at all. Therefore, changing the way they interview completely. Can help them meet a higher quality candidates.

This is where contacting business consultant to learn group interview techniques. Can help entrepreneurs not only save a significant amount of time. But meet a larger pool of candidates. So that they will not have to use creative interview questions. To see who the right fit for their business will be.

Often, when business owners get to the stage of their business where they need to start hiring employees says business consultant. They utilize a one-on-one interview method. Simply because it is the only method that they are aware of. To use to hire people.

And while the one on one interview method is good for some circumstances. Usually, it is effective for businesses that have the time and resources available. To interview as many candidates as they want. Until they have found the most talented people.

Large organizations that have a dedicated HR department. Are going to be able to have a lot of success utilizing one-on-one interviews. Because not only can they interview people throughout the entire day.

Companies with an HR department can interview for several days, weeks or even months. Or simply continue looking until they have found the most talented people to hire in their organization.

However, small entrepreneurs do not have this time. They often do not even have enough time to accomplish all of their own tasks and strategic priorities. Which makes it even more difficult when they try to use a one-on-one interview method. When they need to start hiring in their business.

Because when they utilize this method, studies have shown that it takes about twenty-three days from start to finish to hire someone using a one-on-one interview method. And that can take a significant amount of time. And taken entrepreneurs focus away from their business for almost an entire month.

Whereas group interviews says business consultant. Can help business owners meet the right number of candidates they need to meet. And to do so by only taking one hour of an entrepreneur’s time every single week.

Therefore, when entrepreneurs hear that group interviews can save time, and help them find better quality staff. They often agree that they should try implementing this method in their small business.

The key to conducting interviews this way. Is to simply invite every candidate who applies for the position to the group interview. And to have a regular job posting on a job search website such as indeed.

So that they can continue having a steady stream of applicants. So that a business owner can be meeting people every single week. To increase the odds of one of those people being the right fit for their business.

And the reason why business consultant says this is important to do on an ongoing basis. Even if they are not immediately hiring. Is because they need to meet as many people as possible. To find the right fit for their business.

And if they only implemented this group interview when they had an immediate opening. It would still take them several months. Therefore, business owners who implement this group interview on a consistent basis. Will have a better chance at finding higher quality staff in their business.

This will help entrepreneurs avoid one of the most common reasons why business owners fail. And can help them stay in business longer, and succeed.