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Business Consultant | Why a Twelve Hour Day Is Beneficial

In order for business owners to get everything accomplished in their day, business consultant says they need to work on a twelve hour business day. There simply not enough time otherwise. For entrepreneurs to get all of their strategic priorities accomplished.

And while some business owners think that it is going to be easy to simply add a few hours on the end of their business day. This is not going to be the most effective way to structure their twelve hour day.

The reason why, is because nighttime hours are not just as productive as ours that business owners work in the morning.

In fact, people will have a certain amount of intellectual capital that they can spend throughout the day. As they think, accomplish tasks, and make decisions. This intellectual capital decreases. Until they are not able to think critically anymore.

Business consultant says this is why it is very important for entrepreneurs to do the most difficult and critical tasks of their business. First thing in the morning. So that they are at their peak intellectual capacity.

If they try adding hours onto the end of their day. In order to get things accomplished. What will happen, is a business owner will have exhausted their intellectual capital by the end of the day.

And the work that they do in those last four hours will not only be poorer quality. But they will also be able to get less work done. Because of how long it is going to take them to get those tasks accomplished.

This is one of the most important reasons why business owners should structure their twelve hour day starting at six in the morning. Instead of starting it at nine or ten in the morning and working later.

Another reason why this is so beneficial to start work earlier on in the morning. Is because it is going to help entrepreneurs plan for their meetings. Because they will have the opportunity to review the work just a few hours prior to the meeting.

If business owners try to review that information while staying late. Business consultant says not only will this review that they do not be beneficial. Because they will have reached their intellectual capacity.

But also, it is not going to help the information be fresh in their mind. Because they will had to have reviewed the information the night before. So it will be less fresh in their mind at the time of the meeting.

And finally, by getting up early, people can ensure that the people that they need to talk to and coordinate with will be available. Because of the business hours that the entrepreneur will be working within.

If business owners try to work later at night. What is going to happen is if they find that they have to coordinate with someone else. Whether that is a contractor, a salesperson or a vendor. They will have to put the task that they are working on on hold.

And go into work the next day, in order to clear that task that could have been done if they were working on it earlier on in the day.

These are just some of the many reasons why business owners can benefit from waking up early, and starting their day earlier on. Then trying to stay late, and get the same accomplished.

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It is very important for business owners to understand that a twelve hour day is necessary to succeed says business consultant. And while many business owners can agree that a twelve hour day is beneficial.

Many entrepreneurs do not agree that they should start their twelve are day at six in the morning. Because they want to be able to sleep in, and work later on in their day.

And on the surface, this might seem like a fine plan. Because they might not see the difference between daytime hours and nighttime hours and the difference in productivity.

However, business consultant says the most successful entrepreneurs in the world utilize this schedule. Because it works. So business owners who want to succeed. Should follow what the most successful people do.

One thing that business owners are going to discover that getting up early does, is it allows them to get to work in a shorter amount of time. This is because they are not going to be driving during rush hour traffic.

What used to take a business owner forty-five minutes or an hour to get to. Can take them twenty minutes or even less earlier on in the morning.

So by starting earlier, business owners can save time. And can spend less time in rush hour in their car being frustrated. Business consultant says for this reason alone, many business owners may want to start earlier in their day.

However, it is also very important to note that avoiding rush-hour traffic can actually help increase entrepreneurs ability to think critically. Because of how the stress of rush-hour affects people’s brains.

The increased stress levels that rush-hour traffic causes. Activates the business owner’s emotional response Centre of their brain. And decreases the critical thinking centre of their brain.

And what that does, is it means that a business owner is more emotional, and unable to think critically by the time they get to work. If they have been driving through rush-hour traffic.

Therefore, business consultant says many entrepreneurs they make the decision just to get up earlier. To be able to think clearly, and start work calmly.

As well, getting up on time provides people with a sense of accomplishment. And when they can commit to waking up early. That can help encourage feelings of motivation. That can help them get a lot more done in their day.

And when they are feeling motivated, and they are showing up on time. That can encourage their staff to show up on time. And minimize the number of times that employees show up late.

Because it can very do you motivate an employee to want to get to work on time. When their business owner is not get to work on time.

There are many reasons why business owners can embrace starting early versus staying late in their business. Not only can they get more done. So that the quality of work that they do can be increased as well.