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Business Consultant | What Is Your Company Struggling With?

Often times what happens, says business consultant, is many business owners will find that they are losing money and they are potentially one of the 15% of small business owners that are going to lose their business in the first year, or they are 30% of the business owners that are going to lose their business in the second year. And if that doesn’t happen within the first or second year, 50% of business owners will lose their business within five years of operation.

Often times it happens is that is not cause for celebration and it leaves little time and room for optimism and motivation. However, you wouldn’t of been going into the small business ownership if you didn’t think that you could be a success. And because you think that you are a success, you should be able to work at it fervently so that you will be able to prove all the naysayers wrong. And there may potentially be a lot of naysayers.

You have to go into every part of your business, every meeting, every morning huddle, everything with a positive attitude. You have to pass some of that positivity on to other people. The reason for that is because if they feel positive they will work harder. If they work harder, you have a better chance exceeding your business.

However, says business consultant for everybody, not just the business owner, there will be bad days, peaks and valleys, ebbs and flows. You have to be able to work with it. You also have to be able to roll with the punches and continue on that positive trajectory.

What that means is you also have to be able to do your work to the best your ability as well. Often times what happens is you will wait for motivation and then you will start your work, this is never worthwhile cause, as is quite frankly the opposite of what should be happening. You should start small, and realize that you have got one small task done. That will give you the motivation to keep on going so that you can figure the task out and completed to completion.

Business consultant says that you can start your day off with a win already if you just get up with your alarm. That’s it, that’s all you have to do. When your alarm goes off do not hit the snooze button. Get up, show up, and get ready for a great day work. That ultimately gives you a checkmark within the first 30 seconds of your day, hundred percent, a win for the day. Carrie that when for the day over into the second win, and the third when, in the fourth win. This can carry on onto all day, all week, and all month.

Likewise, you can carry all of your wins over to a positive attitude and be able to share that with other people. If everybody has a positive attitude the chance of success will be far greater.

Business consultant says that there are fewer things more important to one’s motivation then success and wins. Understand that’s what will get people to their prime working mandate. They know that they will be well appreciated, that they are working hard, and that they are trying the best. Particularly in times where people might not be having the greatest day, the greatest week. It is great to know that other people will be able to celebrate all of their wins and the motivations.

As a matter fact, business consultant says that it doesn’t take much to motivate them when they thing about their family. Consider the fact that you are working towards time and financial freedom for you and your family. That should be in and of itself motivation for you to work as hard and efficiently as you possibly can. If you do struggle still with motivation, it might be a good idea to enlist either a friend or family member to be are motivational coach. Oftentimes what will happen is you talk yourself into doing the same things over and over and over again, which may not be necessarily good for you. Business consultant says that a business coach or any coach for that matter will keep you accountable to your promises and your work. Sometimes it’s easier to break that plan to yourself than it is to other people. The coach can keep you on track and accountable. That coach can also you talk you out of potentially some nasty habits that you have developed etc.

Consider the fact that yes you are going to have a certain amount of negativity around you at all times. Yes Sundays will be better than others, but you have to be able to roll the punches and you have to be able to continue to be optimistic and positive analyte of some cloudy days. There is going to be failure and rejection, within you and within the people that you work directly around. You need not be able to take that necessarily to heart. You have to be able to bounce back and keep going harder and faster than ever. You’ll be needing to balance the negative with your own positives. Your need to keep your energy levels as high as possible again by spreading positive energy. The question and the answer is all up to you. Decide if you’re going to offset some of the negative challenges that you have with positive habits. Or are you going to contribute to those problems with more problems?

Enjoy the fact that you are in the position where you often can make your own decisions within your small business. Now a lot of those decisions will be based on other people and outside factors, but enjoy the fact that you are put in this position and that your subordinates, your business partner etc. trust you to make the proper decisions.