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Business Consultant | the Benefits of a Twelve Hour Day

Since entrepreneurs will have so many different things that needs to get accomplished on a daily basis says business consultant. Need to get into the habit of working twelve hour day as quickly as possible in their business.

Do some entrepreneurs, they think that they will be able to do this very easily. Simply by adding a few hours onto their day at the end. However, not only is this not sustainable. But it will also result in a business owner getting less accomplished, and a lower quality work as well.

The reason why it will not help a business owner get more accomplished. Is because people typically only have a certain amount of intellectual capital to spend every single day.

As they make decisions, accomplish tasks, and do more thinking. The intellectual capital they have will be spent, lowering their ability to do more work.

If business owners think that they can just, an extra four hours at the end of their day. In order to get more accomplished. They might find that not only does the quality of their work suffer.

But they will be able to get less done. As they will struggle more to get the same amount accomplished. This is one of the reasons why the most successful entrepreneurs will get up early and working twelve hour day.

Another reason why staying late does not work. Is because it is going to be very difficult for business owner to consistently give up every evening that they have. Not only will that cut into their family time with their spouse and children.

But it will also cut into any time they would have for working on hobbies or spending time with friends. And is not sustainable in the long run.

However, business consultant says if entrepreneurs can get into the habit of waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. And getting to work by 6 o’clock, can have several hours of work accomplished first thing.

Which will help them get more tasks done. But because they will be at the beginning of their day. They will be at the peak intellectual capacity. Which means they will be able to get a lot done very effectively. As well as to very high quality.

And while it can be very hard for many people to wake up early in the morning says business consultant. Especially since a lot of people say that they are night owls, and have a hard time falling asleep and waking up early.

By getting into the habit early on of going to bed early, so that they can wake up at five in the morning. Can actually be motivational in and out of itself.

Since people tend to get motivated by accomplishing tasks. By the first task of the day successfully. Which will be getting up on time. Business owners can actually arrive at work already feeling accomplished, and motivated to get even more done.

Business owners need to work a twelve hour day. In order to get all of the tasks that they need to done in their business. And by getting up early, they can work that twelve hour day very effectively.

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When is is owners hear that they need to work a twelve hour day says business consultant. In order to get all of the strategic priorities accomplished in their business.

They may not realize that there is a huge difference between a twelve hour day starting early in the morning. And a twelve hour day starting later.

The first thing that entrepreneurs may realize, is that if they try staying late, they are going to be inundated with interruptions. From their cell phone, texting and calling.

As well as interruptions on social media. This will come from friends looking to do something with their friend. And it will come from their family, who are missing their family member.

That interruption is going to make it very hard for a business owner to be motivated and stay motivated. Especially as they do this type of schedule in the long term. It may be very difficult to maintain.

Another reason why business owners should get up early in order to work on their twelve hour day. Is because they can avoid rush-hour traffic. Avoiding rush-hour traffic is beneficial for many reasons.

First, and most obviously. Avoiding rush-hour traffic. Means that business owners can waste less time in a car trying to get to work. By arriving at six in the morning, is that business owners will have spent less time in traffic.

But also, being in rush-hour traffic can actually increase a person’s stress levels. Which will lower their ability to think critically. As this activates their emotional centres of the brain says business consultant.

So when they show up to work, not only are they frazzled and frustrated from being stressed out by the rush-hour traffic. But they are also not going to be able to think is critically as they would if they avoided rush-hour traffic altogether.

It is also going to be difficult for many business owners to be able to accomplish tasks that include getting a hold of people. If they are staying late in their business. Because they might realize after all of the businesses are closed. That they needed to talk to a contractor, salesperson or vendor.

By waking up early and being at work first thing in the morning. As soon as those businesses open, an entrepreneur can contact them, in order to get that task off their to do list.

There are many reasons why business owners can benefit from waking up early and starting a twelve hour day says business consultant.

And ultimately, all of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Typically get up early to work there twelve hour day. And by mimicking what the successful entrepreneurs do. Can help a business owner increase their chances of succeeding.

The sooner business owners keep this in mind, the better because they will be able to do the things earlier on in their business. That will help their business succeed.