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If business owners want to succeed says business consultant. They need to start copping some of the traits that successful entrepreneurs use. Because what makes those entrepreneurs successful. Can help small business owners as well.

And one of those traits, is working twelve hour day. By getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning and starting work by six. A lot can benefit a business owner. If they get many things accomplished before their business even opens the doors.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that a twelve hour day is going to be necessary. In order to get all of the things accomplished that is outlined in their business plan.

And while business owners think that they can work a twelve hour day. By staying late instead of coming in early. They may not realize that there is a huge difference between a twelve hour day starting at six in the morning. And a twelve hour day starting at nine or ten in the morning.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that there twelve hour schedule. Needs to be something that they can maintain in the long term.

And when business owners consider how late they are going to have to work in their day. If they start work at nine or ten. They may realize that it is not a sustainable schedule.

Two leave work at nine or ten at night five or six days every single week. Means that they will most likely never see their family in the evening or have dinner with them.

And they are also likely never going to have time for their friends, or their hobbies as well. That can make it seem like they are constantly at work. Without ever getting a break.

As well, when their family never gets to see the business owner. They also might get very tired of this business. That seems to always get their loved ones attention instead of them.

However, business consultant says if a business owner starts waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning to start work by six. A twelve hour day means they can be home in time for dinner every single day.

This means they can spend time with their spouse and their children. Because they are doing that on a consistent basis. They can also occasionally engage in their hobbies and seeing their friends as well.

In the long term, that is going to be a lot more sustainable. Than a schedule that has a business owner sleeping in till seven or eight every day. But then never having an evening off.

As well, business owners need to understand. That getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning. While not very attractive. Can help give them a sense of accomplishment. That can give them the motivation they need. To get more accomplished in their day.

For all of these reasons. Business consultant says the most successful entrepreneurs get up early and working twelve hour day. And that should convince small business owners to do the same.

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Even though many business owners understand that it is vital to work a twelve hour day says business consultant. They might make the mistake of thinking that nighttime hours are just as productive as hours that are worked in the morning.

In this just simply is not true for a wide variety of reasons. The first reason why, is because business owners are more likely to be distracted at night.

There are many reasons for this, from having a very long day of thinking hard. Means that business owners are likely more able to be distracted. But there is also far more distractions at night.

From text messages from friends and family, to social media type distractions. As a business owner uses their intellectual capital. It becomes harder to resist distractions.

And especially when the entrepreneurs family start wondering when they are going to see their loved one. And when they are coming home for dinner. It can be almost impossible to finish work.

But also, business owners need to understand. That because they have already spent eight or nine hours working very hard. Their ability to tackle problems, and work on tasks at night will be greatly diminished.

Not only does this mean they will likely get less accomplished then the are planning on it. Or even less accomplished than they need. But the quality of their work is going to be much lower. Which is not going to be beneficial for their business.

Therefore, business consultant recommends business owners getting up early in the morning. And getting that solo work done first thing in the morning. When their intellectual capital is at its maximum.

And they have not had a long, hard day already. And cannot only work very efficiently on a wide variety of tasks. But they will also be able to work to a very high degree of quality. Which means they will get things done much better as well.

As well, business owners might find that it is important to talk to people or call resources. When they are working on their tasks. With their contractors, salespeople, vendors or suppliers.

They will all be free during the day. And not necessarily late night. So if they are working on a job that requires more information. They do not have to wait until the next day to talk to these people.

They just have to wait until business is open up. To be able to contact these people. Therefore, it is going to be more efficient for business owners to get up early and start their workday at six in the morning.

Although many business owners think that twelve hours of work are going to be the same no matter when they come in. But this is not accurate says business consultant.

Business owners owing to get to work and be dealing with customers and staff. If they do not get to work early. Which means they will be forced to work on their most difficult tasks at night. After their brain is tired.

Which is why all of the most successful entrepreneurs work at twelve hour day by getting up early and working before their business opens. Each is why other entrepreneurs should do the same.