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Business Consultant | Starting Work Early Is Vital

When business owners are creating their business plan with their business consultant. They need to create a schedule as well. So that they can be prepared for the hours that they have to put in. In order to accomplish all of the tasks within their business plan.

If business owners do not create a schedule at this time. They may be frustrated at trying to accomplish everything in their business plan. And may not realize soon enough that they have to work a twelve hour day.

However, by creating a schedule alongside their business plan. Can help prepare a business owner for they share amount of hours it is going to take. In order to do all of the tasks for their business.

However, business consultant says it is also important for business owners to have a schedule. To prepare themselves for the hours themselves that they need to work.

Because their schedule is going to start at 6 o’clock in the morning. So that they can get as much accomplished as they need to as outlined in their business plan.

While very few business owners are excited at the prospect of waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. Some business owners think that they should be able to work a twelve hour day just as effectively.

If they get to work at nine or even ten. And work a twelve hour day. And while this sounds good in practice, there are many reasons why it does not work in reality.

The first thing that business owners need to keep in mind. Is that their brain has a certain capacity to think and solve problems. And that ability is at its peak first thing in the morning.

This is why business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs get to work before their business opens. So that they can spend their best thinking time. On their most difficult problems.

If a business owner was to work from nine in the morning until 9 o’clock at night. In order to get there twelve hour day in. They would have to save all of their most challenging tasks.

Until the very end of their day when their business closes. And they can work on those tasks on interrupted. However, this would be difficult because they will have already spent their intellectual capital.

A business owner will have their brain taxed from a day of accomplishing tasks, solving problems and making decisions. And the ability to work effectively or to a high quality would be much lower.

In fact, decision fatigue is very real. And the fewer decisions a person has to make in their day, can help keep their ability to think clearly up.

This is why some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Have the exact same wardrobe every single day. So that they can minimize decision fatigue. And spend more of their brainpower on working on tasks they need for their business.

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When business consultant works with entrepreneurs, they often share with them the wisdom. Of getting up early, and starting work at 6 o’clock in the morning. Instead of starting work when their business opens.

Since business owners typically have to work a twelve hour day. In order to get all of the tasks accomplished in their business that need to get done.

Many business owners think that they are going to be able to be just as productive working from nine in the morning two nine at night. As they would six in the morning to six at night.

However, entrepreneurs need to keep in mind that there are far more distractions at night. Then there are first thing in the morning.

The reason why, is because distractions can come in the form of phone calls and text messages. Especially from the entrepreneurs family. Wondering how they are doing, when they are going to be home. And if they are going to be home in time for dinner.

They want to connect with their loved one. Especially if they have been working a twelve hour day from nine in the morning till nine at night for several weeks or months.

In addition to that, they are more likely to also be distracted by friends who miss spending time with the business owner. As well as distractions in the form of social media as well.

And since a business owner will be at a lower intellectual capacity later on in the day. These distractions can be even more difficult to resist. Especially as they miss their friends and family as well.

However, business consultant says when an entrepreneur starts work at 6 o’clock in the morning. They are less likely to be interrupted with phone calls and text messages. Simply because everyone they know will likely still be asleep.

But also, it is going to be a lot easier of a schedule to work long term. Because it means they will have all of their evenings freed up. To get home in time to have dinner with their family.

As well as being able to spend time with their spouse and children. As well as having some time set aside for their friends and hobbies that they like to engage in.

Since the schedule that the entrepreneur chooses area needs to be adhered to for several years. An entrepreneur may think that they can stay late on a consistent basis.

However this is less likely in actual practice. Therefore, business owners should choose a schedule that is going to be able to suit them in the long run.

As well, when business owners get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. They are going to have an much easier and faster commute. Which means that they will spend less time sitting in traffic.

And not only will that let them waste less time. But is also going to increase their happiness. Because rush-hour traffic increases a business owner’s stress level.

And when a person is stressed out, they have a higher emotional response. And a lower critical thinking response.

Therefore, business consultant says when entrepreneurs wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning and work a twelve hour day. They have more free time, lower stress, and a better ability to think clearly.