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Business Consultant | Starting Work Early Is Essential

When business owners sit down with their business consultant. In order to create an effective schedule. They may think that it does not matter when they start work.

They think this especially after they see how important it is. To work a twelve hour day. In order to get all of their strategic priorities accomplished.

And when business owners think of a twelve hour day, many of them are very opposed to the idea of working a twelve hour day starting at six in the morning. Even though this is going to be extremely beneficial.

The hours worked in the morning are not just as productive as hours worked in the evening. Because they are even more productive. There are several reasons why morning hours are better.

Starting with an entrepreneur having more intellectual capital in the morning then at night. Every person starts their day with the ability to use their brains a certain amount.

The more they make decisions, solve problems, and to do difficult tasks. The less likely they are going to be able to use their brain for difficult tasks the later the day goes.

Therefore, business consultant recommends entrepreneurs schedule their day. With the most difficult tasks first thing, and end their day with the easiest tasks.

That way, they will not run out of intellectual capital. As they work throughout their day. Which is why they recommend business owners start work at six in the morning. Before their business even opens.

They can work on their solo work. And their most difficult tasks without any distractions at all. This is a great time for business owners to work on quotes and proposals. As well as prepare for meetings with clients.

So that the highest intellectual ability will be used on their most difficult tasks. Then, their business will open, and entrepreneurs can spend time working with employees and customers.

The afternoon can be spent on things like meetings. Especially after they have spent the morning preparing for those meetings.

So that the things that take the least amount of brainpower. Will be reserved for the times of day that an entrepreneur has the lowest intellectual capital left.

If a business owner was to start their twelve hour day at 9 o’clock in the morning when their business opens. They will spend their best intellectual capital. On working with staff, and dealing with walk-in customers.

And by the time their business closes. And they are ready to work on their solo tasks. They will already be exhausted, and mentally spent. That they not only will do a poor job on their solo work says business consultant. But they will also do less tasks and get less accomplished.

Therefore, the best thing for business owner to do. Is to get up early in the morning and start their twelve hour day early. This will allow them to get more accomplished, and get a higher quality work done as well.

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When business owners start creating their business plan alongside their business consultant. One of the best things they can do is create a time block to schedule.

The reason that time block schedule is so important. Is so that a business owner can be prepared. For all of the tasks that they need to do. Once they open the doors to their business.

But also, it is going to help prepare them for working the long hours that they are going to need. In order to get all of their strategic priorities as outlined in their business plan done.

If business owners do not have a time block schedule in advance. They may think that they can get everything done by working an eight hour day.

And since 15% of small businesses in Canada fail within the first year of opening the doors to their business. And 30% of entrepreneurs fail in year two.

It is very important that an entrepreneur avoids this mistake. Because it could cost them their business early on. If they are not getting enough accomplished in their day.

Which is why business owners should understand the importance of working a twelve hour day. However, business owners also need to keep in mind. What time a twelve hour day should start.

While many business owners think that they can show up to work at 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock in the morning. And be able to work twelve hours effectively. This is absolutely not true.

The reason why, because nighttime hours are not nearly as productive as morning hours for many different reasons. Including the lack of distractions.

Whether these distractions are on the phone, such as texts and phone calls. From family and friends. Wanting to speak to the entrepreneur. Or ask when they are going to be home for supper.

There are also going to be more social media type distractions. And even though a business owner might think that they are not going to fall for these distractions.

Because there intellectual capital will be spent during the day. Their ability to resist distractions will be much lower says business consultant. Therefore, business owners might want to consider working earlier in the day.

Not only is a twelve hour day that starts at six in the morning much more productive. But when business owners get used to waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. And getting out of bed. That can give them a great sense of accomplishment.

And since all people tend to get motivated by accomplishing tasks. Getting the first thing done, which is up as soon as their alarm clock rings and getting out of bed.

Can help people start the day feeling like they have made an accomplishment. Which will get them motivated for the rest of their day. When they start their day feeling motivated.

They will be able to get more accomplished, which will make for a far more productive day. And when that is added on top of the ability to do work easier first thing in the morning says business consultant.

Because they have not already spent there intellectual capacity. Means that a business owner will be able to get even more accomplished. Then they would if they got up on time and worked late to put in a twelve hour day.