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Business Consultant | Starting Work Early Is Critical

In order for business owners to increase their chances of succeeding in business according to business consultant. They should not only get used to a twelve hour schedule. But get used to a twelve hour schedule, starting at 6 o’clock in the morning.

The reason why, because morning hours are more productive than evening hours. And they also come with less distractions. Meaning that for the same number of hours a business owner get more accomplished.

The first thing that business owners need to understand. Is that their ability to think and solve problems is going to be increased. The earlier in the morning they start work.

The reason why, is because people have a certain amount of intellectual capacity that they can spend every day. And the more tasks they do, decisions they make and problems they solve.

The less ability they have left to tackle more problems and make decisions. Therefore, working on thought-provoking tasks first thing in the morning is very important.

And if business owners think that they will be able to do as much work. Or to the same quality by the end of their day. Then first thing in the morning. That is not actually going to be the case.

As well, business owners need to keep in mind that there more likely going to be distracted at night. Instead of first thing in the morning.

Simply because they are going to have more things like phone distractions like texts and phone calls. As well as things like social media distractions that can be harder to resist, as their brain uses its ability to think clearly.

The phone calls and texts that they likely are going to get says business consultant. Will be from their family, who miss the business owner. And want to know if they are going to be able to come home for dinner. Or spend time with them in the evening.

And as the business owner works a twelve hour schedule. From 9 o’clock in the morning to let o’clock at night. Spending time with their family is going to be something that is not a regular occurrence.

In addition to that, business owners need to understand that a 9 AM to 9 PM schedule. Means that they will be spending less time with their family. Not only does that include is their spouse and children.

But a 9 AM to 9 PM schedule also means. That they are going to see their friends less. And have less time to spend on hobbies that they love. That can help them destress from owning their own business.

And while many business owners think that they can work whatever twelve hours they want. Business consultant says the most successful entrepreneurs work a twelve hour day starting at six in the morning.

Because they know they can get more done, will be distracted lasts. And that they will have the greater capacity to think better and do a higher quality of work. Which is why small business owners should do the same.

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There are many things that business owners should keep in mind when starting a business says their business consultant. And one of those things is working a twelve hour day.

In fact, the most successful business owners in the world working twelve hour day. But they do so starting at 6 o’clock in the morning. The reason why, is because it morning hours are more productive.

If business owners think that they are going to be able to get the same amount of work done by staying later in their day. They need to consider several things. Starting with rush hour traffic.

If a business owner is going to be working twelve hours every day. They are going to want to spend as least amount of time in rush hour traffic as possible.

Which is why getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning and getting to work for six can be so beneficial. Because not only will their commute time likely cut in half. Because of no rush hour.

But also, studies have proven that driving in rush hour increases people’s stress levels. And that higher stress level not only means that they are far more emotional. But that emotional response also decreases their critical thinking skills.

So when a person drives to rush-hour traffic to get to work. They show up feeling stressed, emotional, and with a lower ability to think clearly.

As well, business consultant says what getting up at 5 o’clock in the morning can do. Is provide entrepreneurs with a sense of accomplishment. And that sense of accomplishment can help motivate them throughout the day.

In fact, people get their sense of motivation from accomplishing tasks. And by accomplishing the first thing that they set their mind to in the day. Which is getting up on time. Can be extremely motivational.

And since many business owners may find it difficult to be motivated. As the reality of audio business sets in and the excitement wears off. They will need as much motivation as they can find.

As well, showing up a few hours before their business opens. Can set a precedent for employees. That says it is important to work on time.

And also gives a business owner the ability to nip problematic employees habits in the bud. By allowing them to say something sooner, rather than later.

Business owners did not get to work until after their employees do. They would never know if their employees were habitually showing up late or not.

There so many reasons why business owners should get into the habit of showing up to work early. And working a twelve hour day. Is that of showing up later on and working the same twelve hour day.

And if business owners want to succeed says business consultant. They should develop all of the same habits. That the most successful business owners have. So that they can be more likely to succeed.