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Business Consultant | Should Entrepreneurs Get to Work Early

On the surface, it seems the same either getting to work early or staying late says business consultant. But actually, there is a huge difference between the two. And successful entrepreneurs will get to work early instead of staying late.

There are many reasons why this works. And business owners who truly want to be successful in their business. May want to listen to the reasons why it works. So that they can do the same for themselves.

One of the first things that business consultant says entrepreneurs need to keep in mind. Is that people only have a certain amount of intellectual capital for their day.

As they do more work and get accomplish more tasks as well as make decisions. This intellectual capacity drops. Which means that as the day goes on, their ability to think critically and do high level of work also drops.

By coming in early, business consultant says entrepreneurs can make the most of their peak intellectual ability. And not only get the most important work done. But get that most important work done at an extremely high level.

If business owners stay late instead. What ends up happening is their ability to think critically. And to do a high quality of work drops to its lowest. Each means that a business owner not only will be able to get less done by staying late. But the quality of that work will not be their best.

Therefore, it is very important that business owners realize that by getting up early. They will be able to get more done, and have a better quality of work.

Another reason why entrepreneurs should get up early in the morning to get to work. Instead of working later in the day to make up the same amount of hours.

Is because there are going to be far more distractions at night. Not only are they going to be phone calls and texts from friends. But there is also going to be phone calls and texts from the entrepreneurs family. As they wonder if they are going to see their loved one before they go to bed.

Not only do these distractions put a stop in an entrepreneurs productivity. But chances are, they are going to be missing their family. And feeling upset about missing time with them and working in the office late.

However, business consultant says that if entrepreneurs get to work early. Not only will they be able to work twelve hour day. But they will also be able to go back home, and have dinner and spend the evening with their family.

Which will help them support the business owner and their entrepreneurial ways. Instead of feeling they are always placing second to the business.

And even if an entrepreneur does not have children. They are going to want to spend their evening hours with their significant other, or their friends. Rather than spending their socializing time working.

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Many business owners have heard that working twelve hour day is the way to success says business consultant. But they do not put a lot of thought process into what twelve hours they are going to work.

They may think that putting in a twelve hour day when they get to work by nine is going to be just as efficient. As a twelve hour day that starts at 6 AM.

However it is not the same thing for a lot of different reasons. In understanding those reasons. Can motivate a business owner to wake up at five in the morning. So that they can get to work by six.

One of the most important things that business owners need to remember about business. Is that they are going to gain their motivation from accomplishing tasks according to business consultant.

Therefore, it is important that they get a few things accomplished right away in the morning. So that they can feel that sense of motivation. It is going to carry them through the rest of their day.

The first thing that a business owner can accomplish in their day. Is by setting their alarm and getting up as soon as it rings. This way, not only will they get an early start their day.

They will feel motivated because they got this done. Which will carry them through the rest of their day. By doing that, can set the tone for the rest of the tasks that they have to accomplish.

It is also a great way to help motivate employees. Because employees will lack motivation. If they are told they have to get to work on time. But the business owner themselves does not.

If entrepreneurs tell their staff what time they need to be at work. And when their staff get to work. The entrepreneur is already there, working hard.

It demonstrates that the is is owner is willing to lead by their actions. And that they are not going to ask the staff to do anything that they themselves are unwilling to do.

It can also very quickly curb an employee’s tendency to show up even a few minutes late. Because there will be someone there who will notice.

It is also important way that business owners can avoid feeling stressed the moment they set foot in their office. Because rush-hour traffic can be very stress inducing.

And while this does not sound very bad says business consultant. Entrepreneurs need to understand that if they get to work already stressed. Their brains have already activated an emotional response.

Which decreases their intellectual capacity to think critically. Therefore, by showing up to work after making it through rush-hour traffic.

Means that business owners will have a more difficult time accomplishing tasks. However, by getting to work early. It means that they will not have dealt with rush-hour traffic. So they will not be stressed, and will be able to think critically as well.

For all of these reasons, the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Say getting up early is far more advantageous than staying late.