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Business Consultant | Should Business Owners Stay at Work Late

It might seem like the perfect solution says business consultant. Staying late at work in order to get in a twelve hour day. But this may not be the best way of getting a twelve hour day in.

Not only many business owners think that nighttime hours are just as productive as morning hours. And especially if they consider themselves to be night is, may want to stay late at work. Instead of getting up early.

And on the surface, it may not seem like a big deal. And that either way can work just as efficiently. But there are many reasons why the most successful people in the world get up early instead of staying at work late.

And if business owners want to increase their chances of succeeding. They should do what most of the successful people do. However, many business owners want to find out why as well.

One of the first reasons why it is so important to get up early and be at work early instead of staying late. Is because it is possible to do critical thinking earlier in the morning.

In fact, people have a certain amount of intellectual capacity to spend every single day. And as people do more tasks, make more decisions, and use more of the intellectual capacity.

The ability to do critical thinking, and make more decisions diminishes. Therefore, a business owner that gets up early and starts work on the most difficult tasks. Will do a better job on those tasks.

Then the entrepreneur would if they stayed late. Because they will already have used up the majority of their intellectual capacity. And then, trying to get more accomplished once there minds have already been spent will be hard.

This is why business owners should get up early, and spend the few hours they have before their business opens. To work on the difficult tasks.

Rather than thinking that they are going to get just as much accomplished. And get that same amount accomplished to a high degree of accuracy later on in the day.

Another reason why getting up early is much better than staying late. Is because it will allow business owners to prepare for the meetings in their day effectively.

If business owners use the morning hours when they are at their sharpest according to business consultant. To prepare for meetings. Not only will the information be fresh in their mind. But they will also be able to do more with that information.

Because they are reviewing it when their mind is at its peak capacity. If business owners tried to review information the night before their meetings. Not only will they retain less information because their brain will be tired.

But they will also be able to retain less information. Because they are reviewing it several hours and on a different day before the meeting actually happens.

These are just some of the reasons why business consultant recommends entrepreneurs wake up early and get to work. Instead of trying to accomplish the same amount by staying late.

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Business owners can be tempted to stay late at work in order to get more accomplished says business consultant. But this is not the most effective way to get things accomplished in their business.

Not only because they are not going to be at their best, mentally speaking. But also, because they are going to have a lot more distractions. And be missing out on important family time.

When business owners think that they are going to be able to get the same amount done. If they stay late instead of get to work early. They may not take into consideration all of the various distractions.

That happen at night, that do not happen first thing in the morning. For example, at night there can be people calling or texting the entrepreneur. Whether that is family, or friends.

However, first thing in the morning between six and nine in the morning. Not only are there going to be far less phone and texting distractions says business consultant. But they are likely to be less social media distractions as well.

Therefore, it is much more likely for business owner to get more accomplished if they get to work early. Then if they tried to work late into the night.

Another reason why it is far more beneficial for an entrepreneur to get up early. Instead of trying to put in a twelve hour day by staying late.

Is because the morning commute is going to be much easier. In fact, many entrepreneurs do not take into consideration. The stress of rush hour can actually make a huge impact on their mental capacity.

How this happens, is when an entrepreneur is caught in traffic. Their stress levels start to rise. Which activates an emotional response in their brain. Which decreases their ability to critically think.

By getting to work several hours earlier. People are not going to be stuck in the same amount of traffic. Which will allow them to get to work not only faster.

But without the stress, and without having their emotional response Centre of their brain activated. Which will allow them to think more critically as soon as they get to work.

In fact, the simple act of just waking up on time and getting out of bed can be incredibly motivating. And how this works according to business consultant. Is because humans get motivated by accomplishing tasks.

Therefore, by accomplishing the first task in their day. Which is to a cup when the alarm sounds. Can help them feel the motivation they need. To tackle all of the rest of the tasks in their day efficiently.

And if they are showing up to work on time, feeling no stress, and a feeling of accomplishment already. This can be incredibly motivating to their staff as well.

In fact, showing up to work on time. Is an important way that business owners lead by example. And show their employees that they are not asking the staff to do anything that they are not willing to do themselves.

To create an extremely motivated work environment. To help keep everybody on the same page to work towards the same goal, and get everything accomplished on time.