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Business Consultant | Should Business Owners Get to Work Early

It is very important for entrepreneurs to manage their time efficiently says business consultant. However, many business owners think that they can put the same amount of work in to their business. But instead of getting up early, they can work late.

And while in theory, this might seem like a great way for entrepreneurs to work a twelve hour day. This typically does not work in practice.

One of the first reasons that entrepreneurs need to be aware of why this is a bad idea. Is because later in the day, is when an entrepreneur is likely to be more distracted.

If they work past time that their business should be closed. Not only will they be more phone type of distractions. Including texts, phone calls and social media.

But they are more likely to also be distracted by phone calls from their family. Wondering when they are good to be home, so that they can spend time with the business owner.

However, business consultant says if entrepreneurs get to work early. Such as waking up at five, so they can start work at six in the morning. They are far less likely to encounter the same distractions.

The second reason why business consultant recommends entrepreneurs working early rather than late. Is because their brains will be at a higher capacity for more intellectual thinking and higher level of work.

The reason why this is, is because business owners have a certain amount of intellectual capacity to spend daily. The more decisions that they make during the day. As well as the more they use that intellectual capacity.

The lower their ability to make decisions, think clearly and do difficult tasks. Therefore, by working later. People are working on the hardest tasks of their day when they are at the lowest intellectual capacity that they have.

Instead, if people woke up early in the morning, and did all of their most difficult tasks when they got to work. Not only would they have a better ability to work on those tasks.

But they would also be able to complete them. And then get onto the tasks of the day that require less thoughts and decision-making power.

Even the drive to work makes a significant impact on people’s ability to think clearly. For example, if people drive to work during regular rush-hour. They typically are going to end up being frustrated due to the commute.

And while this does not sound like a big deal. What ends up happening, is they emotional centres of their brain get activated. Which increases their stress levels, and lowers their ability to think clearly.

Therefore, when business owners get to work earlier, they are going to have an easier commute. That will not frustrate them, or cause them to be emotional.

Which will enable them to tackle the difficult tasks that they set out to tackle as soon as they get to work. By doing this, business owners will have a better chance of doing a higher level of work.

Because of all these reasons, business owners should get up early and work a twelve hour day. Instead of coming in later, and trying to work later.

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It is very important for business owners to understand how important getting up early is says business consultant. The reason why this is important, is because business owners need to make a lot of difficult decisions in their day.

And business consultant recommends that entrepreneurs work twelve hour day, six days a week. And there is no way to work a twelve hour day effectively. Unless a business owner is getting up early.

The early mornings in. Can help entrepreneurs prepare for the day effectively. By reviewing all of the things that they need to talk to their clients about in the meetings. And having them fresh in their mind.

It is going to make the business owner look that much more prepared and knowledgeable. To review the files the day of the meeting. Instead of staying late, and tried to prepare for the meetings twelve hours in advance.

It is also a great way to inspire the staff to come in on time. Because they are going to be coming in along with the business owner.

It is very difficult to try and inspire staff to get to work on time. When even the business owner refuses to get to work on time.

However, if business owners ask their staff to get in to work on time. And the business owner is already there when the staff gets there. It can be very motivating to the employees.

In fact, getting up early can be very motivational in and of itself according to business consultant. Because people generally that motivation from accomplishing tasks.

And when business owners set the first task of the day as waking up and getting out of bed on time. That first task that is accomplished correctly. Can inspire a business owner for the rest of their day.

By getting to work already with the feeling of motivation. Can help the business owner tackle the next difficult tasks that they are faced with. So that they can get even more done than they thought they could.

It is also important to get to work early if an entrepreneur has family. Typically, if they want to spend any time with their family. They need to get home from work while they are still awake.

It business owners want to work a twelve hour day and have family time. Getting up at five and being at work by six in the morning. Allows them to get a full twelve hour day.

And get home in time to have dinner with them, and spend the evening together. Especially as a business owner might start to lack energy and motivation as time of being an entrepreneur wears on.

Having that family time consistently can be exceptionally important. And in the end, the family having that consistent time with their family member. Make that a lot easier for them to support their entrepreneurial ways.