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Don’t be worried, says business consultant!

It was zig Ziglar, the author, and speaker that has the quote, “motivation gets you going, and habit gets you there.”

There are some very stark specifics according to industry Canada in terms of the viability of small businesses in our country. The best’s effects are as such, 50% of businesses fail within the first year, 30% of small businesses will fail within year two, and 30% of all small businesses will fail within the fifth year of existence.

So business consultant asks how you mitigate against that? There are many reasons that you can do and many things that you can prepare for. First off, have a plan. Second, higher charter professional accountant to work with you and get you savings in taxes, etc. The third thing that you can potentially do is work very hard, but do it in an optimistic and positive way. This will allow you to have the motivation to continue to go to work day in and day out. As well, this will allow your subordinates to enjoy coming to work as you are positive, and you will give credit where credit is due.

Especially when you’re dealing with customers they will be able to give off a certain amount stress. And they’re going to want to give it to you. It is nothing personal it’s just retail and dealing with customers. You have to deal with that and you have to deal with the best possible way so as not to lose customer. You need to limit your exposure with high drama people and consider the fact that it is just business. You need to consider the fact as well, that they’re not like that all the time and you can always send them on their way having a little bit of a better day with a nice smile or a kind word.

Negative interactions happen all day every day, warns business consultant. Customers, owners, suppliers, won’t necessarily be happy with you, and the choices that you make or the potential mistakes the make. And you are going to make mistakes, lots of them. There’s going to be friction. That’s part of the process as well bear in mind that you are not perfect, and if you are a first-time small business owner your learning the ropes. There’s going to be failure and rejection. Consider the fact that you could lose a contract, that is out of your hands and was not part of your decision-making. You can’t control that. What however you can control is the positivity that you give off in the information that you put into your business. Make sure that you come in with a smile, handshake, and a very calm and kind word to everybody. As well, consider the fact that you should be the first person to. Everybody who sees that you are their first will know that you are working very hard on your behalf and on their behalf as well.

Have you ever considered, says business consultant using a coach with which to allow you to be accountable to all of your tasks and all of your decisions question mark sometimes it’s easier to break that plan to yourself than it is to other people. As well, it’s far easier to accept failure with yourself than it is to anybody else. No one no one wants to admit the fact that they have failed because of doing things that it’s easy and familiar.

Don’t be afraid to allow accountability to onto somebody else and make sure that you are doing everything that you should for the best for your business and for your employees.

As well, make sure that you are and have your clients best interest at heart as well. If you have your clients and customers best interests at heart, they will come back therefore they will bring their money with them. That leaves more revenue for you. Make sure that everybody is treated fairly and finally and you will find that everybody will be willing to work hard so as to make the success of the business and your dream of financial and time freedom success.

As well, if you falter, says business consultant, don’t worry! Everything happens for a reason, and you will have certain bad days, certain bad weeks, ups and downs, peaks and valleys, and ebbs and flows within the whole business and life process. Give yourself a little the of a break as you are only human take a breath, and don’t beat yourself up over it. That is part of the process. Don’t feel bad.

However, make sure that you do not have this feeling of foreboding over your head for long. You still need to potentially feel bad for couple days but you have to snap out of it and continue on with the process of success. You have a lot of people writing on your decisions, and your positive attitude and your optimism. You need to find motivation as quickly as you possibly can in order to reach that goal as quickly as you can.

People often common go through life and go through work thinking that they’ll get motivated and then they’ll get to work, says business consultant. This is seldom the case as most motivation will come from progress. If progress doesn’t happen there is no motivation to move forward. It’s just never going happen until you start. Start something, start anything. If you’re motivated before you start then you’ll probably never start at all. With that, you just won’t get a lot done. Consider that action will most likely come first then motivation actually comes because the progress on that action. Even if that action ends up being somewhat of a failure. You have at least tried and it will motivate you to keep going in order to reach a positive and. This positive end could be one more step two your dream.