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Business Consultant | Individual Interviews Are Ineffective

While many business owners host interviews, and are unable to find suitable candidates says business consultant. They rarely think of the problem is with the style of interview. And more likely a problem that they did not have the right questions.

However, this is not the case. And the problem with one-on-one interviews. Is that business owners are not able to meet enough people. In order to ensure one of those people that they meet. Is the right fit for their business.

And no matter how many great interview questions they can come up with. That is not going to ensure that they can hire the right person. Because the problem is not that they are asking the wrong questions. That they do not have the right people in the interview itself.

And when business owners are trying to find a great employee. By reading resumes, and choosing which ones to interview out of the resumes they receive. They are not taking into consideration the fact that the majority of applicants live on their resumes.

Therefore, business consultant says that when entrepreneurs are shortlisting the list of candidates from resumes. They are discounting many applicants that could potentially be a great fit. But will never get the chance to interview for the job.

And while the solution is that business owners should interview each applicant, regardless of what their resume looks like. That is impossible for small business owners to do. If they continue to conduct one-on-one interviews.

Which is why business consultant teaches entrepreneurs. How to conduct group interviews instead. Group interviews can start saving business owners a significant amount of time. Right from when they receive their first resume. Because instead of reading each resume.

Business owners can instead invite each applicant to the group interview. Which they should have scheduled ahead of time, for the same time every single week. Whether they are looking for people to hire in their business or not. To increase the number of people that they are going to be able to meet.

And when they do set up a one on one interview. Entrepreneurs typically can tell within the first thirty seconds if someone is not a good fit for the business. So doing this within a group interview setting. Can help business owners not waste that our of interview time.

And instead of thinking of many interesting and unique questions to ask. In order to figure out who is the best fit for the business. Entrepreneurs should simply ask each candidate. Why they want to work for the business. The goal of the question is to find out the candidate’s motivation.

They are not looking for why they want a job, by they want to work in that industry. But rather why they think their values align with the mission and vision of the business. To see candidates that would stand out, because they will truly want to help the entrepreneur succeed.

Often, the only reason why business owners use one-on-one interviews says business consultant. Is because that is the only style of interview that they know about. Even though it is very clear to them, that it is a difficult way for entrepreneurs to find staff members.

And while many entrepreneurs struggle with this. They may not realize that it is a common struggle, shared by more business owners then they may realize. With this being one of the three most common reasons. Why entrepreneurs fail in Canada.

According to the study done by industry Canada, 50% of small entrepreneurs in Canada fail. With 23% of all failed entrepreneurs saying that they were not successful, because they could not find staff. To work in their business, or they could not replace staff that left.

This is why when entrepreneurs hire and business consultant to help them. One thing that they are taught to do, is conduct group interviews. Instead of trying to find people using the one on one interview method.

One-on-one interviews are effective for large corporations. Because they will have the time, and resources in an HR department. In order to allow them to conduct as many one-on-one interviews as they need. In order to find the most talented people to hire in their business.

Whether they have to interview one hundred people, two hundred people or more. They are able to interview every day every week and every month if necessary. To meet the right number of candidates. To meet the best one for their business.

And since business owners cannot do this. They must find a different way to meet the same number of candidates that the large corporations are meeting. And the best way to do this is through a group interview.

Despite the fact that many business owners are hesitant at first when their business consultant says that they have to do a group interview every week. Whether they are hiring in their business or not. Because they do not want to give up so much of their very limited time.

However, while the group interview process will take one hour of every week for an entire year. For total of fifty-two hours spent hiring as many people as they need. Glassdoor, the website has said that it is far more time-consuming to hire one employee using a one on one interview.

With an entrepreneur needing to take up to twenty-three days of time from putting out the first help wanted ad, to interviewing and finally hiring someone. And that is just with one person. If a business owner needs to hire more than one person per year in their business. That amount of time doubles.

This is why it is far more time efficient for business owners to conduct group interviews. But also, they will be able to meet significantly more people. And increase the chances of being able to meet the right employees. Who will not leave the business because a better opportunity has come up.

Because they will believe in the mission and vision of the business. And have their own values aligned to that. So they will get better quality people. Who will stay in their business longer.