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Zig Ziegler, author and speaker, says business consultant, uses the quote “if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted.”

This is absolutely true of people, business owners or not, that do not have proper plan for their day-to-day and regimens. They often get stuck with negative surprises, or unpreparedness, and people that they work around, with, and for, will potentially be upset by the lack of their organization.

When you become a small business owner you are in the very and enviable position of having to deal with such statistics as, 15% of businesses fail in year one where as 30% of small businesses will fail by year two. Ultimately, and sadly, 50% of all small businesses will fail by year five. Ideally and inaccurately, business owners start working for themselves and think that hours worked at night are just as productive as the hours worked in the morning. What they will essentially do is they will get all their “homework” done at night. This will potentially set you up for a very unproductive day at work the next day. It is a common statistic that we are far more productive during the day than at night the reason for this is because there are many distractions at night, often personal ones these distractions could include family commitments, cell phones, text messages, personal hobbies and commitments, house chores, etc. You’re better off planning ahead of time and getting all of your work done during the day so that you may enjoy your life in the evenings. As well, consider getting a good night sleep so that you are prepared for the next day as well. This will only happen, if in fact you have all of your work done.

Prepare in the a.m. all of your meetings for the PM or the afternoons, says business consultant, and consider adopting a sense of a wow factor for your clients. What that means is have everything organized, ready, and have it all known to you ahead of that day’s meeting if you understand the facts of the case or the file, and you understand the client’s concerns and that client has personally seen that you have done some very hard work on their behalf they will be very impressed.

Make sure that you are prepared for may be some potential problems in getting to work. What this can mean is you could potentially need to get gas for your car, have forgotten your lunch, need to drive the kids to school, have run into an automobile accident and delay in traffic, your car will start, etc. If you have prepared everything potentially the night before you will be prepared for negative surprises in the mornings and you will not miss very little work at all, if any. As well you can be organized in that if you are going to be late for work, you’ll know exactly what is to happen that day and you may be able to very quickly reschedule appointments.

Get in the habit of preparing for potential pitfalls or delays in your day the previous day, says business consultant. If you are prepared for potential headaches in the morning, then those don’t become headaches, and you are prepared and organized and have contingency plans for how to get to work on time and to impressed all of those involved. If you do not in fact have that plan in place, advises business consultant, then stress ensues and you having got to work yet and you are already stressed. You will have a sense of rushing all day. You may find that you will have elevated stress levels for the rest of the day as you have immediately activated that emotion response. This emotion response ultimately makes ourselves less intelligent as well. It will make our day much more difficult as we cannot focuses much and as well to the task at hand. In scientific terms, our prefrontal cortex is D activated, and amygdala is activated.

On the contrary, says business consultant, if we wake up on time and with a wonderful sense of accomplishment because we have just done that we get momentum by that achievement. We can carry that early morning momentum on to any and all of our tasks throughout the day. As a matter fact we can even pass along that momentum and that positivity or that hard work ethic to the people surrounding us.

We will be able to properly do all of our requirements early in the morning and we will be able as well to engage in back-and-forth communication more efficiently with our business partner, our employees, our kids in our family in the mornings our clients, or are perspective meetings.

As well, says business consultant, bear in mind to do all of your work during the days versus at night, we are just more distracted that night in that our family is in need of us and wants spend time with us, our phones and our text messages are going off all the time. As well, don’t worry about work in the evenings as your customers probably aren’t open either and they want to spend time doing the things that they love to do as well. Those customers are probably the ones that are more efficient and successful in that they are getting ready for their day tomorrow.

As a matter of fact, the more successful people in life generally start their days earlier than and there days later. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule however generally the successful people will be at work either on time or earlier. They will get to the habit, they will build that habit as it is one of the ways to success. They start early for many reasons, and many variables. Some the reasons are there is no traffic or less traffic in the mornings, they want to get to work early in the morning so that they can spend time with family in the evenings, etc.