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Business Consultant | How to Work a Twelve Hour Day Effectively

While business owners are being told by their business consultant that working a twelve hour day is necessary. In order to get all of the tasks accomplished that they need to in their business.

However, what entrepreneurs do not know. Is that early morning hours are more beneficial than nighttime hours. And how a business owner works a twelve hour day is important.

Many business owners tend to think that it does not matter how they schedule a twelve hour day. As long as they are working twelve hours in the day. But this is not true.

The reason why, is because not only are there more distractions at night then there are first thing in the morning. But also, because people’s ability to do high-quality work decreases as the day continues.

The first thing that business consultant says business owners need to understand. Is that everybody has only a certain amount of intellectual capital to send every single day.

And they spend that intellectual capital by doing work and tasks, making decisions, and thinking. Therefore, they are going to have a higher capacity to do intellectual work early in the morning.

And if a business owner thinks that they are going to be able to add a few hours onto the end of their day. And be able to do high-quality work in the few hours that they are alone. They will be disappointed.

Not only will they not be able to do as much work as they would had they done the same tasks starting at six in the morning. But the quality of work that they will get done will be lower. Then if they had done the tasks when they first woke up in the morning.

But also, business consultant says business owners are going to be far more interrupted. If they try and stay late in their business to get things accomplished. Then if they simply woke up and got to work earlier.

The distractions and interruptions can come in the form of phone calls and text messages. Or can be social media. But essentially, since more people are awake in the evening hours. That increases the amount of distractions that an entrepreneur can receive.

Especially from their family, who want to see their loved one. And might be sending messages to see when they are going to come home.

And this brings up another important point says business consultant. That they will see their family less often. If they make staying late a consistent schedule that they are going to keep.

It may not be sustainable, because continually arriving home when their family as a slave. Is not going to be sustainable. And is definitely not going to be something that their family is going to be very happy with.

Therefore, it is very important for entrepreneurs to understand how important it is to get up early in the morning, and working twelve hour day. Instead of trying to stay late, because the quality of work in the amount of work they are going to get done will suffer.

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It is very important for entrepreneurs to understand that how they structure their twelve hour day in business matters according to business consultant. They might think that it is not going to make a huge difference.

But it actually makes a much larger difference them business owners realize. Which is why some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Utilize this strategy. In order to get more accomplished in their business.

The first thing that business owners need to understand, is by getting up early, and getting to the office by six in the morning. Will cut down on their commute to the office. Because they will not be driving through rush-hour traffic.

Not only will this minimize the amount of time that it onto our has to spend in their car. But avoiding rush-hour traffic can actually increase an entrepreneur’s ability to think better.

How this works says business consultant. Is rush-hour traffic actually affects people’s stress levels. And when people are stressed, it activates the emotional response centre of a person’s brain. And decreases their intellectual ability.

So by waking up early, not only can business owners spend less time in traffic. They can also arrive feeling more calm, and with an increased capacity to think. Then if they drove to work during rush-hour.

It is also very important for entrepreneurs to understand that they can develop a sense of accomplishment simply by waking up early. How this works says business consultant. Is how people feel motivated is by accomplishing a task.

And when they accomplish the first task of the day, which is waking up at 5 o’clock in the morning. That can get them to feel motivated enough. To feel a sense of accomplishment.

When they get to work already feeling accomplished and motivated. That can help spur them on to accomplish the next tasks in their business. This way, business owners can arrive at work ready and motivated to do their work.

And at the same time, that is going to help them motivate their staff. Especially as their staff realizes that there boss will be willing to show up on time as well.

And when the staff sees that the business owner is at work already. Not only will that cut down on the instances of employees arriving late. But it will also help ensure that they are setting the tone for all staff to arrive on time all the time.

There are so many reasons why business owners should work a twelve hour day that starts at 6 o’clock in the morning. Instead of working a twelve hour day that starts at nine or ten.

Even though many business owners call themselves night owls. And want to stay up late and avoid waking up early. Having the discipline to do this on a consistent basis. Can help them develop the skills they need to be disciplined enough to accomplish all of the other tasks in their business.