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There are many reasons why entrepreneurs may hire and business consultant in their business. And one of the more common reasons, is that business owners are having a hard time finding or keeping staff in their business.

In fact, according to industry Canada. Not only do half of all Canadian small business owners fail within five years. But one of the top three reasons why entrepreneurs are failing. Is because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. Causing 23% failed entrepreneurs to go out of business.

When this is the case, business consultant likes to teach entrepreneurs how to conduct group interviews. Because these are far more effective at helping business owners identify and hire better quality staff. So that they do not struggle so much with this problem.

The reason why small business owners typically use a one on one interview method. Is often because that is the only style that they are aware of. Even though it is really only efficient for large corporations, who have the time to interview as many candidates as they need.

But business owners do not have as much time to interview candidates endlessly. And so they need to learn how to interview as many people as possible. In the shortest amount of time available.

And they can do this using the group interview method. Because they will not be limited by how many people they can interview at the same time. As they would be limited, with interviewing people on a one-on-one basis.

Whether they meet one or two people in a group interview. Or if twenty or more people show up for the interview. It takes the same amount of time. And helps entrepreneurs understand which candidates are going to be the best for their business.

The first way that a group interview helps an entrepreneur save time. Is by helping entrepreneurs avoid having to read resumes ahead of time. Which not only is a giant waste of time. Reading resumes does not make it more likely for business owners to choose better candidates for the business.

But if this was the case, they would not have to conduct one-on-one views. They can simply read the best resume, and hire the best person. But not only do 80% of candidates lie on their resume. But resumes are very poor indicator of who the best worker for a business would be.

Then, business owners can save a significant amount of time. By not having to call every candidate that was accessible. In order to schedule one-on-one interviews. That might take a lot longer than business owners are anticipating.

Especially if candidates do not answer the phone, or call back wanting to reschedule. All they have to do says business consultant is invite every candidate to the group interview. And meet them in person, and not have to read between the lines of a resume in order to decide.

There are three main reasons why entrepreneurs struggle and fail in business says business consultant. While half of all or small businesses in Canada fail within five years. This is due to three main obstacles that business owners face.

42% of all businesses that fail say that not being able to sell enough products and services to customers. Is a reason why they were not successful in business and cause them to fail. While 29% said they simply ran out of money, as to why they were not successful.

And the third most common reason why entrepreneurs are not successful in business. Affecting 23% of all failed business owners. Is because they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. Causing them to eventually go out of business, because they cannot keep staff.

And while this is very common struggle. Many business owners do not realize that so many others struggle with the same thing. And that they can do something very simple in order to change the ability to find higher-quality people. With a lot less time being spent doing so.

It is very important for business owners to keep in mind. That a traditional one on one interview takes approximately twenty-three days from start to finish. In order to hire one person for their business. And that time doubles or triples if they have to hire two or three people.

The group interview on the other hand. While it requires interviewing people even when entrepreneurs are not immediately hiring in their business. Takes approximately fifty-two hours every year, one hour for each week.

Fifty-two hours versus twenty-three days is a lot of time saved. And a business owner who implements the group interview. Will be able to meet hundreds of people by the end of the year. While the business owners that utilize the one on one interview method, probably only met ten candidates of the most.

This is why it is so important for business owners to learn the group interview method says business consultant. Because it can help them meet significantly more people. To increase the chances of one of those people being the right fit for their business.

They main difference between the group interview and the one on one interview. Is that a business owner will be the meet all of the people that apply for the job at one time. Is that of trying to schedule time devoted to each candidate alone.

They will be able to indicate the mission, vision and values of the business one, instead of over and over at individual interviews. And have all candidates ask as many questions as they need. In order to feel satisfied that they know what will be expected at their job if they are hired.

And at the very end, business consultant says an entrepreneur will simply ask one question. Why do you want to work here. Waiting to see which candidates share the same values. Or take the mission and vision of the business to heart.

Learning how to do a group interview can be challenging. The once entrepreneurs learn this. They will be able to hire better quality people. And they may be able to avoid going out of business for these reasons.