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Why are many entrepreneurs utilize one-on-one interviews says business consultant. Because that is often the only style of interview that they are familiar with. And not because this style of interview is wildly effective for small businesses.

In fact, not being able to find or keep staff is one of the three reasons why entrepreneurs fail. According to the industry Canada survey. This survey says that while half of all small businesses in Canada fail.

23% of all failed businesses fail because they are unable to find or keep staff. And many business owners who have tried to find staff using the one on one interview method. Often complain that they are unable to find the right people.

They often blame they are inability to read resumes better. And figure out who they should interview. Or that they blame the interview questions. And spend a significant amount of time figuring out what some better interview questions are.

When the problem really is not with reading resumes or choosing interview questions. But rather the interview style itself says business consultant. Because this style is really only effective for large corporations. Or businesses that can spend a significant amount of time interviewing people.

And since small business owners typically do not have a significant amount of free time. They should reconsider using the one on one interview, in favour of a group interview style. That can help them find better quality candidates.

business consultant teaches entrepreneurs how to do group interviews. Because they help even the playing field between large corporations and small businesses. By allowing entrepreneurs to meet a larger number of candidates in a shorter amount of time.

To increase the odds of one of those people being the right candidate for their business. And the way that the group interview is structured. Means that business owners will get a very clear idea of who the right people are for the business.

And while one of the common problems that entrepreneurs often have. Is that when they complete the interview process. And have interviewed all the candidates. And have come to the conclusion that none of them are truly the best fit for their business.

They often have been shorthanded for so long. And feel pressured into hiring one of those people. Just so that they do not have to be short staffed.

Even if they know they are not a great person to work in the business. This is why business owners often end up with people who are not right fit for their business.

But by meeting more people. Business owners will be able to identify who the great people are they see them. And if one interview is not successful in identifying great fit for their business. Business owners are no longer feeling compelled to hire one of those people anyway.

Because they know they are going to have another group interview next week, where the actual right fit for their business might be. So entrepreneurs are going to be better able to identify the right people. And only bring them into their business when they are found.

Even though group interviews are extremely successful says business consultant. Most small businesses and new entrepreneurs are not aware of this interview technique. And continue interviewing people using one-on-one interviews.

While one-on-one interviews can be used by large corporations with a lot of success. That is due to the fact that they can put an entire HR department onto interviewing people. And whether they have to interview one person or hundred people. They have the ability to do that very easily.

Where small entrepreneurs do not have that time at their disposal. And in fact, according to studies, using the one on one interview method. Takes approximately twenty-three days from start to finish to hire a single person.

Which is why many business owners who were not able to find the right candidate during the first batch of interviews. And up hiring someone anyway says business consultant. Is because they do not have the time to go through another twenty-three or more days. To find the actual right fit for their business.

However, business consultant is teaching more and more small businesses about the group interview process. Because it can be so beneficial in helping entrepreneurs find the right people to hire in their business.

One of the first things that business owners should do, is set aside time in their calendar every week. In order to conduct these group interviews. Whether they are hiring in their business or not. The reason why it is so important to do this. Is because the key to the success of group interviews.

Is being able to meet as many people as possible. So if they are only looking to conduct interviews. They have an immediate opening in their business. business consultant says they are going to decrease the number of people that they meet, and decrease the chances of meeting the right person.

However, if they conduct group interviews every single week. Not only are they going to increase the number of people they meet. But they will soon realize how many people actually have to meet. In order to find the right one who will work in their business.

And, business owners also do not know exactly when they are going to need to hire someone. Since employees tend to leave when the timing is right for them. Which means that business owners may not know when they are going to need someone in their business.

By always being prepared, and meeting as many people as possible. Entrepreneurs can be far more likely to meet the right person to hire in their business. So that they do not have to struggle, hire people that are not going to be the right fit.

The sooner entrepreneurs are going to be able to switch their interview style. The sooner they are going to start having better luck at hiring better people. And keeping them for longer, because they truly believe in the mission and vision of the business.