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Business Consultant | Getting Up Earlier

It is zigzag where, says business consultant, who uses the quote “if you don’t plan your time, someone else will help you wasted.”

Industry Canada shares some grim statistics that 15% of businesses fail in year 130% of small businesses fail in year two and 50% of businesses will disappear by year five of operation. There are many reasons for this. One of the reasons is business owners just aren’t properly organized and educated. For example they are not educated in the fact that they should retain a charter professional accountant to help with other financial needs. As well, they do not have a proper time schedule with which to follow. For example a lot of people may think that it doesn’t matter what time of the day you work, as it has no effect on productivity or work ethic. This is something not true, statistics show that night is not in fact as productive as working in the day.

It is a fact, says business consultant, that if you better plan your morning to be efficient and effective, you have a better chance at succeeding at more tasks, and accomplishing more goals. In fact, if you jump out of bed as soon as you hear your alarm instantly you may feel accomplished as you have just succeeded in “winning” during the first part of the day. The last thing you want to do in starting off a workday, is starting off stressed if you wake up late or if you forgot to make your lunch, or if you’re running late to get the kids to school.

It is a fact, says business consultant, that you are far more productive in the mornings. Consider taking the morning to book all of your business meetings for the afternoon times. In the mornings you can concentrate on all of the paperwork, and getting to know the clients files and what you need to do for them in order for them to be productive. If in fact you plan your business that we and your schedule that way, when it comes time to meet with your clients, they will be very impressed as you are very well organized and very well read in terms of their specific needs and their files and situations.

Moreover, if you want employees on a schedule as well and you expect them to show up on time, make a point that you too, as a business owner show up on time. This way, employees will feel motivated, and think that if the boss doesn’t show up on time, then maybe their headspace is that they don’t have to either.

Consider starting earlier rather than later. As well, consider coming in earlier than your start time rather than staying later after your dismissal time. If you stay later after your dismissal time you are missing out on family time, the regular upkeep of the house, potential social time, and time for things that you want to do instead of work.

It is just a fact, says business consultant, that people are generally far more motivated in the morning hours than later in the day. It is a simple fact of when you just wake up you haven’t expended in the energy in the day yet. You have not meetings yet, you haven’t gone through the morning commute, you haven’t dealt with clients or employees yet etc. In fact, if you consider the fact that you have risen with your alarm that is in fact your first one of the day and you feel good about it and get excited about continuing on to fight for more accomplishments in your day.

Business consultant states that if you have to do much communication between clients, employees, suppliers etc. it is much easier and more efficient to do the back-and-forth communication first thing, or at least one of the first things the morning. As well, make sure to plan all of your meetings early in the morning and schedule them for the afternoons. That way you will have the mornings to go over the files for that customer the day of the meeting. This will allow you to have all of the information for that client fresh in your mind, and it instills a sense of acceptance and appreciation from your clients, knowing that there files and their business with you is well taken care of.

On the other hand, argues business consultant, if you happen wake up late, you wake up immediately stressed. This means that your first experience of the day is rushing to get anything done, rushing to get to work, and the stress levels are very high you have immediately activated that emotional response of stress and uncovered ability. Your prefrontal cortex is deactivated in your amygdala is activated. What that essentially does, is makes us less intelligent.

If you think of putting your employees on a schedule as well and expect them at work at the same time day in and day out you must consider yourself to be on that same level so that you may be a model for your employees. If your employees see you coming in and out of the office whenever you feel like it, they will feel like they potentially can do that as well.. Assuming that you are going on holiday, consider the fact that you could start a little bit earlier in the day and stay a little bit later in the day so as to get every thing done. That way you will be completely in the mind of the holiday and you’ll come back completely refreshed.

If you get more work done in a lesson the time you won’t have to worry about thinking about work for the vacation time and the family time. They are going to want to spend a lot of time with you and have you completely in the moment with them.

There are however always exceptions to this rule. However, generally successful people always start their days with the rising sun.