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Business consultant confirms that Industry Canada confirms that 50% of all businesses will fail. In comparison with night working versus day working, night working is not in fact more productive. The reason for this is because you are far more distracted at night then you are during the day. Examples of this are when you are at night and at home with your family your family wants to spend time with you and engage in conversation and play, you may have chores to do around the house, more times than not you will be getting personal phone calls and dealing with personal matters, for we matters, friend matters etc. As well, you will want to potentially enjoy a social life more times in the evening during the day when you’re work. Likewise, businesses, customers, suppliers, don’t phone late at night or early in the morning as a habit.

You require a certain amount of intellectual capital to have a productive day at work. On the whole, business consultant suggests that most people will score higher on intelligence tests in the morning then in the afternoon or in the evenings. As well, you have a better chance of being able to properly and efficiently take on harder tasks and more intimidating jobs earlier in the day then as your intellectual capital starts to decrease as a day goes on.

It is a wonderful idea to get all of your preparation done in the mornings ahead of the afternoon’s. That way all of the information is fresh in your mind and when you are at your most productive and efficient. A strong suggestion would be to book all of your client meetings in the afternoons, and review all of the files and facts that morning, and head of the meeting. This is an excellent way to potentially “wow” your clients as you will look like you have all of the facts firmly in your mind as you have just reviewed them that same morning, a couple of hours earlier. All the information will just simply be fresh air mind as you have just read up on the files.

In terms of getting to work and your traffic commute, it is easier to get to work earlier in the day when there is less traffic as opposed to they are in the afternoon as less productive, less regimented people start to wake up and get on with their later day.

What you don’t want to do, says business consultant to start your day is to immediately stress yourself out by making up late as this potentially leads to your first experience of the day as a disorganized rush. Ultimately as soon as you wake up you immediately have elevated stress levels, and will immediately activate a negative emotion which you may potentially carry on throughout your whole day. This in turn might be passed on to other people and have a negative effect on their day as well because you will not be in a great mood and feel as though you’re always rushing throughout the day.

Wouldn’t it feel fantastic, asks business consultant, if the first thing you do when you wake up is you have a win? What that wing could potentially mean is the fact that you can at least get up immediately with your alarm, if not earlier and feel energized and ready to start your busy day. What tends to happen to is that if you start your day earlier people will be more readily available for you and your tasks, assuming that they are people and communication dependent, will get done that much quicker. People are just more readily available to talk and help out if it is during regular business hours, and the earlier the better. Keep in mind that we are the sharpest early in the morning, so if you want to address any thing with anybody, in terms of your business or your employees, suppliers etc., that it would be best to confront them in the mornings.

Business consultant says, as well, if you start your workday earlier, you will have far more time in the evening when other people don’t work, businesses are shut down and are not available to communicate, etc., to spend with your loved ones, or engage in a social life.

As well it would be great that if you started a little bit earlier in your workday and finished a little bit later, or worked a little bit harder, if in fact you are working towards spending some time away from the office on a holiday, etc. That way, for the few days that you work those extra hours and get all of your tasks done, when it comes time to leave on your holiday, you will legitimately be able to hundred percent checked out of your work. If in fact you don’t spend those extra hours at work you may lose a little bit of your well-deserved holiday time or time with your family.

There is always exceptions to this rule. However, generally, successful people always start earlier in the day. They get into the habit, and they build that habit, so that it doesn’t eventually affect their mood, or their productivity. It is one of the keys to success start early for reasons such as, less traffic, you will get more time with family, you can, upon leaving for your big kit vacation not have to worry that things are not getting done or didn’t get done at the office and actually really mentally check out of your work during the holiday. You will be able to far more readily and easily coordinate with employees, suppliers, business associates, etc.

As well, says business consultant, you will be able to properly impress your clients as you will have already prepared everything for the meeting with the client I had of time in the morning hours, starting early is one of those wonderful tools to success.