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Business Consultant | Entrepreneurs Should Not Stay at Work Late

When business owners here their business consultant. That they should work twelve hour day accomplish everything they need to in their business.

Many business owners make the assumption that they can simply stay late every day. In order to put in those hours. They often make this decision, because they consider themselves night owls. Have a difficult time waking up in the morning.

However, working late into the evening. Does not produce the same quality of work. That getting up early in the morning does. And this is why this is consultant recommends that entrepreneurs get up early to work there twelve hour day instead.

In fact, business owners need to take into consideration. That the world’s most successful entrepreneurs get up early in order to put their twelve hour day in.

The reason why the most successful entrepreneurs do this. Is because the quality of work that they get when they wake up early is much better. Then the quality of work that they can get when they stay late.

This is due to the intellectual capital that everybody has. Which allows each person only to do a certain amount of thinking and decision-making in their day. When they have reached that maximum amount.

The ability to make decisions starts to diminish. As does their ability to do critical thinking. So by waking up early. Business owners can get the most critical thinking of the day done.

Instead of staying late, thinking that by the end of their day. They are going to be able to think clearly and critically. And do high quality work on the tasks that need to get done.

Business consultant says that people even scored lower on IQ tests that are done later on in the day. In first thing in the morning. That people think better earlier in the morning.

Another reason whites important for business owners to get up early and that of staying late. Is because they will be able to coordinate with all of the people that they need to talk to much more easily.

Whether people need to talk to salespeople, contractors, vendors or colleagues. They are going to be able to reach them a lot easier. There trying to get a hold of them during business hours.

If business owners are trying to do the same amount of work. By staying late, they will find that not only is it impossible to talk to the same people. But they will be less equipped to be able to send emails off to the same people. And convey the same information.

Therefore, business owners need to understand that getting up early and working twelve hour day is completely different. Then staying late in order to work twelve hour day says business consultant.

And if they want to accomplish high quality work. And get a lot done. They need to learn how to be disciplined. To get up at 5 o’clock in the morning. In order to work twelve hour day.

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Many business owners may be very tempted to waking up early says business consultant. And staying late to put in a twelve hour day. However this is not the best way to work.

Not only do people’s ability to do complex tasks, or problem-solving diminishes as the day goes on. But there are also far more distractions that happen at night. That do not happen between six and nine in the morning.

These distractions can come in the form of text messages and phone calls. But also social media interruptions. And if a business owner has a family. They can consider those interruptions increased.

As they start to wonder if they are going to see their loved one for dinner, or before they go to bed. And what they will not get and six in the morning, our text messages and phone calls wondering where they are. Which means they will be able to get a lot more accomplished.

Because there are fewer distractions, business consultant says on get even more done in their day. Which means they will be able to leave work on time.

Why leaving work on time is so important. Is because it will allow an entrepreneur to see their family on a regular basis. Which is going to be very important for the entrepreneur as well as their family.

And can help the business owner work along, twelve hour day every single day. When they know they get to see their family at the end of that long day.

And it can also help the family support the business owner. When they know that they are going to be see their left one every single life.

Instead of having them feel resentful towards the business. Because it is the reason they never see their family member anymore.

That waking up early in and of itself can be highly motivating. The reason why says business consultant Is because accomplishing tasks is how people gain motivation for the day.

By accomplishing the first task of the day, which is waking up on time. Business owners can start to feel an accomplishment, that will motivate them to get more done.

When they get to work already feeling accomplished. It will motivate them to get more done, and it literally starts with getting up and out of bed when the alarm clock sounds at five in the morning.

And even the drive itself to work is going to be far less stressful. Because there will be fewer people on the road and no rush hour traffic. This can do a lot to help an entrepreneur work effectively.

The reason why, is because rush-hour effects of stress levels. Which activates the entrepreneurs emotional response part of their brain. Which decreases their ability to think. Because they are reacting emotionally.

So by getting to work earlier. Can help business owners significantly. By letting them arrive stress-free, highly motivated, and ready and mentally able to tackle the most difficult tasks of the day.