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Business Consultant | Early to Rise

Everyone, not the least of which are business owners, says business consultant, need to consider and adopt a regimen of getting up early instead of getting up late and working late. It is a proven fact that we are farmer more productive in the mornings than in the evenings. We just can get a lot more done as we are fresh off of sleep and our minds and bodies are rested. This is good for all people involved as it instills a positive attitude, productivity and work ethic, routine, and protect ability.

This also, says business consultant, that by planning and getting up on time, or even early, reduces stress,. For example if you are not prepared for the day ahead, and your alarm does not work, or you keep setting the snooze button, you will eventually wake up stressed, rushed, and, as many studies of shown less intelligent ready for the day. This is true because your pre-front frontal cortex is deactivated and your amygdala is activated. This immediately activates that emotional response, and it really does make people less intelligent.

If you are on a schedule, you will ultimately have that attitude pleaded into everyone in your life potentially. Your family could adopt a more regimented schedule, your business partners, your clients, your employees, etc. That way everybody does not have any surprises in their workday and they may be able to function at a far higher capacity and though they will be able to concentrate much better. If you are tired during the day, you will lose concentration, and you will not have 100% your mind at the task at hand.

Wonderfully successful adopted method that successful business owners use is the fact that they do all of their bookings in the mornings for that same afternoon, or at the very least within the next couple of days, always in the PM. Business consultant says that if you do all of your homework in regards to that clients files in the morning a couple of hours ahead of the meeting, that information will be fresh in your mind and you will be able to wow your clients with all of the intricate and specific knowledge of their business. They will fill well taken care of and impressed that you have done your due diligence on behalf of them.

As a matter fact, even traffic patterns are less stressful and morning. Consider if not leaving on time, leave a few minutes early so as to avoid certain commute surprises such as a motor vehicle accident, your car not starting in the cold winter, or having to run to the store because you forgot your lunch, etc.

If in fact you have a special occasion where you need to not be at work for a day or want to take a holiday, then consider adopting getting to work a little bit early and doing some early work, and maybe doing a little bit of extra work after quitting times over.

If you’ve gotten out of bed late in the morning, says business consultant, because you have either set your alarm long clock for the wrong time or have pressed the snooze button if you extra times, you have instantly started your day on a very stressful, very negative manner. The chances of you accumulating and adopting wins or accomplishments for that day will be very few and far between. As a matter fact it might be very hard to adopt an attitude of positivity for that day because your day has started out so poorly consider to that your poor mood can trickle down to the people that you work with.

Business consultant says however that if you do a little bit of planning ahead of time, maybe the night before then you will be sure to not have any surprises or delays in your day. Things happen, that is understandable. If you happen get hung up by a motor vehicle accident in the morning, however you are well organized and planned you will have left a few minutes early and will be able to still get to work on time. Likewise, you will know exactly if you have any appointments in the morning and no where to direct them as you are potentially commuting to work.

In the mornings it is a very good idea to do all of your communications phone calls, meeting set ups with clients, business partners etc. As well, consider attempting to engage in all of the back-and-forth communication in the mornings this is back-and-forth communication be a email, telephone, text, etc. This will allow time for the people that you are attempt to communicate with to get back to you for your meeting start the afternoon. Business consultant says that with practice of your routine, and proper preparation, you may be able the next morning when you wake On time to expect many wins during the day, not the least of which will be the fact that you as a matter fact jumped out of bed as soon as your alarm went off.

If you are at work at least on time, if not early chances are that your business partner, and your subordinates will adopt that same routine of discipline. You must, if you are a business owner be an example for everybody that works around you and for you. If they see that you are coming into work late, or leaving work early and leaving work often, then they will not be able to adopt a sense of devotion to the company because quite frankly the owner does not potentially have a sense of devotion either.

If you wake up every morning on time, having been bearing for the day the night before, then you have ultimately set yourself up for many accomplishments, and many wins throughout the day. You will mitigate a lot of negative surprises or negative emotions that you can adopt or can pass on to others.