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According to industry Canada statistics, says business consultant, it is a sad state of affairs that 15% of businesses will fail in year one of opening, 30% will fail by year two, and 50% of all small businesses will fail by the fifth year.

Make it a point to prepare yourself for the day and set yourself up for success by organizing in the evenings for the day had. What this means is make sure your alarm clock is on, he your lunch is made, your schedule is at least organized for tomorrow, you have gas in the car, etc. If you do this planning, your chances of success the next day far outweighs your chances of some negative surprises or time loss.

Although it is a proven fact that you are far less productive in the evening than during the day, it is the day that you concentrate on your work so at nights you do need to prepare. This will give you momentum ahead of the next day, which ultimately feels like an accomplishment, or win. You essentially have not even started the day at and you have already started with a win because you have everything prepared from the night before, says business consultant.

Make sure that you have coordinated with all the people in your life ahead of the day, the week, or maybe potentially even the month of the year. That way you have alleviated any surprises that your life may bring forth and that may affect other people’s lives. People will be able to know where to find you and know how to get in touch with you if in fact they need some important information or just wish you want to chat.

As well, says business consultant, consider preparing and organizing and booking all of your meetings in the mornings. Make sure to book your meetings not too far ahead of time so that when you review all of the meeting information that it will be fresh in your mind. In fact, if you can book that meeting for that same afternoon. You can review all of the work and the files for that client in the morning time when you feel more sharp of mind. That way when it comes to meeting your client you can “wow” them with very up-to-date information and accurate information regards to their file or their concerns.

If you happen to have planned a holiday to enjoy with your family because you’ve been working so hard in starting a brand-new business, consider starting work a little bit early in the morning and leaving a little bit later in the evenings. This will ensure the fact that you have all of your work done and you can be fully and completely in the moment and enjoying your vacation time with your loved ones. Keep in mind to that as you are busy concentrating on work and ensuring financial and time freedom, your family does miss you.

Business consultant says that it is a very prudent plan to ensure that you have everything organized ahead of your neck stay the night before. What this means is make sure your alarm clock is set for the proper time, make sure your lunch is made, etc. Ensure that all the kids are well taken care about organized so that all of you know what each other it are doing the next morning so there are no hiccups or confusion.

As a matter fact, consider, says business consultant leaving a few minutes early for your work in the morning. It is proven fact that traffic is a lot better and more smooth in the mornings on the way to work, then in the afternoons on the way from work. People usually far more sharper in the mornings, versus the afternoons after a long hard day of work.

You don’t want your first event or motion in the mornings to be rushing and stress. If in fact that is the case, you may have an elevated strap’s level throughout the whole day, you may derogatorily impact your coworkers, or your family in the mornings if you are running around trying to get everything done because you are late. This happens as your prefrontal cortex is deactivated and your Magdala is activated. This immediately activates that emotional response making yourself ultimately less intelligent and less ready for the grind ahead.

Keep in mind to to get all of your work done at least during the day, so that you can spend time with your family, and do all of the things you want to do such as your hobbies, and social life, says business consultant. That way, you won’t have to worry about getting in touch with anybody in the evening or night times, as that is not the optimum business times and you may not be able to get a hold of anybody or any work done at that time.

Coordinate with all people in your life so that you are all on the same schedule so that it may will make it easier to plan and book meetings, be early or at least on time for all meetings, and events, and people will ultimately know where you are and when you expect you or when you bother you at work. In fact, as a business owner, adopt a routine of getting to work earlier than normal. If employees see that you are always coming in late or coming in whenever you want and leaving whenever you want they lose interest in the business, and feel as though they can do the same thing. If they lose interest in the business ultimately they are losing motivation to make your business successful. You must be the most regimented and disciplined person in the business so that you may have a good show a good example in the may follow in your footsteps.