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Business Consultant | Don’t Be Like An Ostrich When Filing Taxes

Business consultant wants to forewarn you that you should not be the one sticking your head in the sand because you have made mistakes or maybe not even mistakes but you just haven’t made enough money year-over-year, and now you’re sticking your head in the sand. You feel as though delaying taxes and filing taxes is the best way to deal with your problems. You understand that you have a constraint cash flow problem and it will make their cash flow better, not worse if in fact you file your taxes.

Consultant also wants you to understand the fact that there can be some alleviation of the process for things that you do old. This is called a voluntary disclosure. When you go to the Canada revenue agency first before they talk to you. Inevitably, they are going to be sending you a phone call saying that you all that money. But however why don’t you do that first, so that you can invoke the voluntary disclosure agreement with the charter professional accountant.

What that necessarily means is that you can make sure that they get things going first and say to them that you are honest in approaching this with them and you understand the fact that you are in arrears of a lot of your penalties, but you just need some time and can you please erase the penalties?

Business consultant want you to understand that this is a huge problem in terms of corporate taxes which are due in six months after your year end. This is just another penalty that you’re going to have to eventually pay the government and the Canada revenue agency and it is going pull you deeper in debt.

The thresholds for having a proprietorship are legitimately quite low. This is where the proprietorship can potentially be a good thing. In response to a proprietorship versus an incorporation. It is not the significance that changes the deadline from April 30 to June 15. What it is in fact is it is the minimum threshold that matters in this particular case. Sometimes getting into that June 15 filing deadline is a little easier than people and business owners legitimately think.

Some people think that year and is set when an incorporation is put in place, or that a GST number is withheld by the business owner. That is absently not the case, says business consultant, it is when your files are filed for the very first time. That is if corporate tax return birthday, and that is when your year-end should be invoked. The penalties will be based on the balance owing. So, if you didn’t make any money in the first year. And you own 5%. Well math being as it is, 5% of zero is still zero. That means you can’t pay them anything. So don’t necessarily worry about it.

Make sure that you get in touch with the charter professional accountant so that they can deal with this on your behalf.

What Services Are You Looking For From Your Business Consultant?

Business consultant wants you to state the fact that you are going to have to pay interest either way. You’re going have to pay interest on everything every time and in every situation. That is just a fact of life it is simply like to death and taxes it is a way of life and a way of business and it is never going change. That is how most businesses and corporations make them money, with interest.

5% of the balance owing, is 1% a month, which is going to be a penalty, for every month that you do not file your taxes. That is money up in smoke. If you as well are late a second time and multiple times thereafter, consider the fact that 10 months and 10% of the balances owing +2% for every month until you legitimate file. You have then just doubled your expenditures and double the money that you’re going have to pay the charter professional accountant when you could’ve absolutely avoided the issue.

We obviously already know their personal taxes are due at the end of April. We have been dealing with this since our working lives. However, what we don’t know necessarily is the different corporate tax dates that an and deadlines that are due. Corporate tax are due six-month after your year end. It is always six months after the year end, no change. The interest on the taxes start to accrue three months after the corporate taxes. If you haven’t necessarily paid them, so that you have to pay in monthly instalments. The interest a small however, bear in mind that the penalties are going to be huge, and punitive and obviously prohibitive.

Make those deadlines align, says business consultant, as well as Spear L chartered professional accountants. It is a pain in the butt, when you should have to file your GST year-end and your corporate tax year and at the exact same time. It will just save on a whole lot of time instead of doing the work of potentially to incorporations of less than $1 million.

Likely, you’re going to have interest in addition to the penalty because it is recently gone up from 5% to 6%. That is also going to allow you to have a lot less money from within your business. Make sure that you have filed on time. That is the biggest piece of advice that business consultant and spear L charter professional accounts can give you. You are going to be able to then potentially invoke the voluntary disclosure clause where you can go to the Canada revenue agency first and say that you are aware that you are in arrears of your payments but can you at least admonish the penalties so that I can get in order and start to pay my bills question mark that will be a lot of help to many small businesses.