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Business Consultant | Differences of Group and One-on-One Interviews

It is a very common struggle that small business owners have says business consultant. That they are unable to find or keep staff in their business. In this actually results in 3% of failed entrepreneurs decision to close the doors to their business.

And while many business owners do not realize that these are common struggles. They also do not realize that the struggles that they have, are related to their interview style.

While many business owners will be an agreement to change their interview style. They often do not know any other interview method. Which is why they are utilizing one-on-one to begin with.

Typically, one interview you are effective for large corporations. Because they have the time, and resources such as HR department. In order to interview as many people as they need.

Whether they need to interview hundred, or two hundred people. They are able to continually bring applicants in. Until they have found the most talented person to hire in their organization.

And while small business owners try to utilize one on one interview method says business consultant. They do not have the time to interview as many applicants. Until they find the right one in their business.

And in fact, many business owners recognize at the end of the process, that they have not identified the ideal applicants to hire in their business. However, they have wasted so much time in the process. That they feel like they need to hire someone. So that they do not continue being short staffed.

This is why business consultant recommends group interviews. Because it can help small business owners compete with large corporations. By increasing the number of people they can meet significantly. So that they can meet the right number of people, to find the right fit for their business.

The first thing that business owners should do. Is set aside time every week. That is devoted to group interviews. Whether they are looking for people or not. Because if they limit the group interviews to only when they are hiring. They may not be able to meet the right number of people.

The next thing that is different about group interviews and one-on-one interviews. Is the fact that for group interviews, business owners do not need to read resumes ahead of time. In fact, the only time a business owner should read the resume during a group interview.

It is if the business owner thinks that one of the candidates would make a good fit in the business. And then they can read the resumes. To see if they are actually qualified to work in the organization. Instead of trying to read each resume, to predict who will be the best fit out of a dozen resumes.

They will simply invite each candidate out to the group interview. And meet all of them at the same time. Which is a much better indicator of who is going to be a good fit, then the resumes ever will be.

When business owners hear that reason why they are having a hard time finding staff says business consultant. Is because the style of interview is not well-suited for small business owners.

They want to know more information about group interviews. And specifically, how they are different. So that they can be better prepared to conduct the style of interview. And be more likely to find better people to work in their business.

The first way that one-on-one interviews are different from group interviews. Is that for one-on-one interviews, a business owner is deciding who they want to meet. But for group interviews, a business owner is committed to meeting everybody. All

The reason why it is so important to meet every candidates is business consultant. Is because most people will lie on their resumes. Making a resume a poor indicator of who is going to be a suitable employee in a business.

But also, business owners will be able to see each candidate for themselves. Which is a better cater of suitability. In any resume, even if a person has not lied on this document. Which is why business owners should meet as many applicants as possible.

Another difference between group interviews and one-on-one interviews says business consultant. Is that during the group interviews, they do not have to ask a lot of the same questions over and over to each applicant.

In fact, if business owners have us and or do instead of questions that they would like the answer to. Such as what computer programs they know, level of education. And why they left their last job. They can actually send that ahead of time. When they send them the invitation to the interview.

That way, they will have the answers to the questions if they need them. And they do not have to continue to ask the same series of questions to every applicant over and over. And take up important time in the interview.

Another way one-on-one interviews and group interviews are different. Is that in a one on one interview, the business owner will ask many different questions. While in the group interview, it will ask just one. And that when interview should be the same matter what business is hiring.

They will ask: why do you want to work here? And there may be many different answers. But the answer that they are looking for, is why the applicant is interested in that organization specifically. As it relates to their mission, vision and values.

They might get a lot of different answers. Such as why they want to work in the industry, how they want to apply skills that they learned in school. Or why they simply want the job. But entrepreneurs are looking for people who can specify why they align with what is most important to the business and the owner.

When they hire people based on aligning their own values with the businesses values. Not only are they going to end up with people who try even harder in the business. They will also end up with people who are more likely to stay longer. Because they leave in what they are helping the business accomplish.