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Business Consultant | Business Owners Should Not Stay at Work Late

While many entrepreneurs have heard from their business consultant that working twelve hour day can help them accomplish more tasks in their business. There is a huge difference between working twelve hour day starting at six in the morning. And working twelve hour day starting at nine in the morning.

Many entrepreneurs feel very tempted to stay late as part of their twelve hour day. Because they do not want to wake up early in the morning. And may even call themselves night owls as justification of this.

However, this is a very different scenario to getting up early for many reasons. In fact, some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world. Get up early in order to put their twelve hour day in.

And business owners might want to consider why they do that. Instead of staying late. In order to make the decision to get in the habit of waking up at five in the morning.

One of the most important things that they should keep in mind, is that there brains are going to be at a better ability to think critically. If they get to work early in the morning.

In fact, according to business consultant, all people have a certain amount of intellectual capital to spend on daily basis. Therefore, if they use some or most of that ability out during their day.

Staying late means that not only will they do a lower quality of work. But they are also likely going to be able to get less work done. Because their ability to make critical decisions and work will be far lower.

Therefore, if business owners want to be able to get high quality of work done. And a large quantity of work done. They should get used to waking up early and day.

It is also very important for business owners to keep in mind. That are going to be able to reach the people that they need to. If they get up early and work twelve hour day.

Because the people that they need to get a hold of, whether they are contractors, salespeople, other businesses or vendors. They are going to be available during the day. And business owner will be able to contact them as soon as possible.

If an entrepreneur is working late, they might realize after business hours have closed. That they needed to reach a bunch of people. They now cannot reach because the business is not open.

In addition to that, business owners may want to consider there commute first thing in the morning, such as five or 6 in the morning. Since there is going to be fewer people on the road and no rush hour traffic.

Business owners will be able to get to work faster, and save a lot of time. Business owners may feel very grumpy at spending forty-five it is to an hour in their vehicle to get to work. When first thing in the morning, it literally may take them fifteen or twenty minutes.

These are just some of the reasons why business consultant recommends entrepreneurs get up early. Instead of working a twelve hour day by staying late. And the sooner that business owners can implement this in their business, the more likely there going to be at succeeding.

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Business owners need to develop some habits that can help them succeed according to business consultant. Not only because these are going to be the habits other successful entrepreneurs do.

But these are going to be the habits that help them succeed. And get a lot more accomplished in their business. Which they will need to do, in order to accomplish their strategic priorities.

One of the first things that their business consultant recommends. Is get disciplined in order to get up in the morning when the alarm clock goes off. Not a lot of people feel very motivated to get out of bed at five in the morning.

However, when entrepreneurs are successful at doing this. They actually can gain a lot of motivation from getting this task done.

The reason why, is because people actually get motivated by accomplishing tasks. So if they are wanting to motivate themselves in business. They actually need to get something done first.

By waking up and getting out of bed when the alarm clock rings. Business owners can accomplish the first task of the day. This can actually be so motivating, that it can carry them through the rest of their day.

Especially as it becomes harder and harder to find motivation. As entrepreneurs run their business. Business consultant says by learning how to self motivate. They will be able to help themselves be disciplined to get more accomplished.

It is also going to help them keep their staff motivated as well says business consultant. Especially as they show up to work as early or earlier. Then they ask their employees to show up.

Can be very demotivation for all employees. To be expected to show up to work on time. And yet the business owner is not going to show up on time themselves.

Therefore, business owners are showing by example. That if they ask their employees to show up on time. That they are willing to do the same. Not only will they discourage employees from being tardy.

But they can also keep an eye on employees who might show problems getting to work on time. So that they can stop problems from potentially happening.

As well, business owners need to understand that the sooner they start working twelve hours in a day. The sooner they are going to be able to get more accomplished. And be more likely to take a vacation.

While business owners are going to have to work for a long time before they get a vacation. Working longer days. Means that they are going to have the ability to take vacation sooner. Which can be extremely motivating for a lot of people.

Learning how to wake up early and work twelve hour day. Can help entrepreneurs significantly succeed in their business.