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Business Coach | Working Five Days Versus Six Days

While many business owners make the assumption that they will get immediate time freedom when they open the doors to their business, there business coach says that may not be true immediately.

While time freedom is a common goal for business owners. And a very worthwhile goal for business owners to have. They need to understand that time freedom is not going to be something that they can get immediately in their business.

The reason why it needs to be a long-term goal instead of a short-term goal. Is because there are going to be so many tasks that need to get accomplished in the business. As well as the fact that business owners often believe that they can get more done in a year then they can actually accomplish.

One of the first things that business owners do not necessarily take into consideration. When they first opened the doors to their business is the time it takes to do administrative tasks.

Some business owners think that they can get administrative tasks done either at the end of their day. Or that they can take those tasks home and get them done in their spare time. And while that is the best of intentions, business coach says that does not typically work in reality.

Not only does take more time than business owners think to do the administrative tasks. But chances are when they get home, they will want to relax, and spend time with their family. Instead of working on more work-related duties.

And when business owners tried to take work home, it often ends up feeling like they are always at work. And they can end up feeling overworked and resentful. And have their family feel resentful for them always working as well.

Therefore, instead of struggling to get everything done in a day. Business coach recommends working at six day work week instead of a five-day workweek. In order to get everything done comfortably.

In addition to working six-day workweek. Business owners can gain customers. That find being able to get that service on the weekend extremely valuable. Especially when it is a service that typically does not operate on the weekend.

Therefore, they may be able to get even more customers then they would before. And then that gives them additional time to be able to work on all of the tasks they need to accomplish in their business.

What working a 6 day workweek does as well. Is it helps an entrepreneur get all of their tasks done. So that they do not end up feeling overwhelmed. While some people might think six day workweek is overwhelming itself.

If they can get everything done that needs to get accomplished in six days. They will end up feeling better then if they worked a five-day workweek, and always felt like things were being left undone.

In order to help entrepreneurs succeed, they need to understand that working hard now. Means that their eventual goal of time freedom in the long term. It is going to be more likely for them to get.

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If more entrepreneurs understood that they should work six days in their business, business coach said. More entrepreneurs would be successful than are currently finding success in their small business.

In fact, according to industry Canada, there is an extremely high failure rate of entrepreneurs in business. With 15% of businesses failing in the first year alone of their business endeavour.

30% of small businesses in Canada fail within their second year of operations. And an alarming 50% will have failed within five years of doing business.

And while there are many things that can help entrepreneurs succeed. One of them is learning that a need to work longer hours than they might immediately assume.

Many business owners think that as an owner, they will be able to work less than forty hours a week. As well as take long lunches, and gone many vacations.

And while that is a great long-term goal says business coach. In the short-term, entrepreneurs are going to have to work harder than they ever worked before. In order to get all of the tasks done that they need.

One of the reasons why, is because business owners tend to over estimate what they can get accomplished in the first year of doing business. And can end up feeling overwhelmed. If they are trying to work at typical forty hour week.

The reason why, is there are many different administrative tasks. That they either do not realize need to get accomplished. Or they do not think is going to take them as much time.

Administrative tasks such as invoicing, data entry into their accounting software, and filing. Are just some of the things that business owners think will be easy to accomplish.

And while they are in fact easy to accomplish. Business coach says that they are also time-consuming. And if they are not scheduled into an entrepreneurs workday. They run the risk of not getting done.

Other things that need to be scheduled to ensure they get done on a consistent basis. Include sales and marketing, Because if an entrepreneur does not make a consistent effort to find customers.

They will find that is definitely hard to have a consistent workflow in their business. With having a lot more customers in their business right after they have spent time on their marketing. And then having that amount of customers drop dramatically. Because they have stopped marketing their business.

This is why it is important for business owners to schedule their marketing and sales time into their calendar. So that they can consistently work on it week after week. To have an even flow of customers in their business.

Business owners also need to set time aside to recruit and train staff. So that they are not stuck without having staff once they have been able to grow their business significantly.

There are several things that can help entrepreneurs succeed in business says business coach. And one of those things is understanding that they should work six days a week instead of five. In order to get everything done that they need to help their business succeed.