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Business Coach | Working a 6 Day Work Week


In order for business owners to get all tasks done in their business, business coach says they need to get used to a six day a week work schedule. So that they have enough time to get everything in their business done.

By doing this, not only are business owners more likely to succeed and grow their business. But when they reach their business goals.

They will be able to gain the time freedom that was one of the reasons why they started a business in the first place. However, they will need to work very hard for the first couple of years to grow their business to that point.

Business owners need to understand what they need to work on. In addition to the billable tasks in their business. To understand why a six-day work week is so necessary.

In addition to the billable tasks, business owners also need to work on administrative duties. Because that will help keep the business operating smoothly, and with the right financial information.

This includes business owners spending time entering information into their accounting software. As well as running payroll and paying bills. And sending invoices to customers, and calling them to make payments.

In fact, if a business owner does not have the most up-to-date financial statements in their business. They could end up making the wrong financial decisions. Because they do not have up-to-date information.

This is why it is vitally important that a business owner not only sets time aside for this task. But sets aside enough time. In order to get these done before they leave work.

Another task that a business owner needs to work on is the sales and marketing says business coach. Because this is how they are going to find the customers that are going to sell their products and services to.

And even though a business owner might assume that their product or business is so fantastic. That they will be able to find customers without trying. That is not likely going to happen.

And if business owners do not market their business. They will not find customers. And if they do not market their business consistently. They will not find enough customers to buy their products and services.

Business coach says according to industry Canada, not finding enough customers is the number one reason that businesses fail. And so to avoid that, business owners need to ensure that they are doing this on a regular basis in their business.

By understanding that in addition to their billable tasks, business owners also need to spend time on administrative duties. That are simple yet time-consuming. As well as spending time working on the sales and marketing on a consistent basis.

That in and of itself can require business owner working more days than the typical five. And by sitting down with their business coach ahead of time to create a time block schedule. Before they even open the doors to their business.

Can help prepare a business owner for putting the hours into their business that they need. In order to grow their business, and becoming successful. So that they can achieve all of their goals.

Why Should I Hire You As My Business Coach?


Even though many business owners want to work less time which is why they open their own business according to business coach. In order to be able to accomplish that goal.

Business owners need to build a successful business. Which will take them a lot more time than they might initially assume.

In addition to a business owner working on all of the billable tasks of the business. They also need to set time aside regularly to recruit and train staff says business coach. Even if they do not have an immediate opening in their business.

The reason why, is because the traditional way that entrepreneurs find staff is not only time-consuming. But it does not result in a business owner finding the best fit for their business.

They typically have to wait until they have an opening before they start searching. Which means they are already very late in finding a candidate for their business.

But then they have to read through resumes which is another waste of time. And they have to choose a few people to bring in for one-on-one interviews.

Even though many people stretch the truth on their resumes. And resumes are rarely a good indication of who the best person is to hire in their business.

And if the people do not show up for their one on one interview. It will have wasted an hour of the entrepreneur’s time. But at the same time, it is not going to results in the best person being identified.

Simply because by interviewing them one-on-one. An entrepreneur will likely forget the first few people by the time they get to the end of the process.

And if none of the people are the best fit for the business. Because it was so time-consuming, and now it is very urgent that they find a person to fill the position. An entrepreneur will likely hire them, even if they are not the right fit.

Instead, a regular recruiting schedule. Can help ensure that business owners are meeting many different people. And if they end up being great fits for the business. An entrepreneur can keep them in a pool of candidates.

And when there is a job opening, business coach says they do not have to start the search. They just have to call the pool of candidates, to see if they would be interested in starting work.

This is a beneficial system. Because business owners never know exactly when they are going to need staff. Whether their business has grown unexpectedly. Or if one of their staff members gives notice.

This method ensures that business owners can find people right away. It just means that an entrepreneur needs to put time into their weekly schedule for this.

And in addition to their administrative duties, sales and marketing efforts. A business owner will have to work six day workweek. In order to get all of these tasks done. But there is no doubt that those tasks will help them succeed.