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Business Coach | Why Work Six Days


In order to get all of the tasks in a business accomplished, business coach says many business owners can benefit from working six-day workweek. This way, they will not feel overwhelmed. Or feel like they have to work overtime every day just to get everything done in their business that is necessary.

Not only is a six-day will think a way for business owners to get everything done. That having to work endless over time during the week.

But many customers will value the business having weekend time. Especially in industries that do not typically have time available on the weekend.

This can help business owners attract new customers. Who may not be able to make it into their business bring a traditional mind five workday.

So not only does a six day workweek ensure that business owners can get more accomplished says business coach. But they then set themselves apart from their competition. And become more likely to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

And while many business owners are hesitant to adopt a six-day workweek. Because they are worried that is going to make them feel overwhelmed. Business coach says that it is far more overwhelming.

To work a forty hour work week, and only work five days a week. And then never get everything accomplished in their business. And always feel behind.

Since business owners typically are only going to start getting paid in their business. If their business becomes successful, doing everything that they can become successful. Can help ensure that they will eventually get paid for the work that they are putting into their business now.

The reason why they are going to be more tasks to get done in their business than they realize. Is because in addition to their regular work. They will have things like administrative duties on top of that.

Not only will some business owners not to take this into consideration initially. But they also will underestimate how much time it is going to take them.

In some business owners even believe that they are going to be able to get this type of work done in their spare time. And while that is the best of intentions, business coach says that rarely happens in reality.

Not only will business owners not be able to get the administrative tasks done. In the time that they think they are going to be able to get it done. Which means it may be left undone.

But business owners who take this type of work home. They find that it does not actually happen when they get home. Or if it does, they will end up feeling like they are always at work.

And feeling like they are always at work is a fast way to feel overwhelmed or burnout. And it can also end up with their family feeling frustrated. That their loved one is always working even when they are away from work.

Therefore, creating a six-day work. Can ensure that all important tasks get done in the business. So that a business owner does not feel overwhelmed. And when they go home, can enjoy their family and rest.

Who Wants To Hire a Business Coach?


When business owners first start their business, business coach says they may not know how many hours they needs work in their business. Which is why they recommend creating a time block schedule very quickly in their business.

This time block schedule will allow an entrepreneur to see. How much time should be allotted for things that can help them succeed in business. Such as time for sales and marketing on a consistent basis.

As well as creating checklists and templates, hiring and recruiting staff and administrative duties. In addition to that, they will schedule the time for them to work on billable work.

However, many business owners will see that once they have got this schedule created, that it is simply not possible to get everything done enough forty hour work week.

Which is why business coach recommends shifting to a six-day work week as quickly as possible. That way, not only will they be able to get everything done. But they will be able to make it happen on a consistent basis.

If business owners do not set aside time every single week work on sales and marketing. And only work on it when they are not busy. It will find that they are not busy consistently, having lots of customers one week, and fewer the next.

And this is why they also need to set aside time to recruit staff on a weekly basis. Even when they are not looking. Because studies have shown that entrepreneurs need to meet about a hundred candidates. In order to find the right one for their business.

By setting aside time to meet candidates on a consistent basis. Can help entrepreneurs develop a pool of great candidates to call on. When the need arises, and they are ready to hire.

If the only start looking for people when they suddenly have a need. There are always going to be acting reactively. And that is not going to help them find the right person in their business.

By scheduling all of these tasks. Can help ensure that a business owner not only has enough time to do all of the billable work that they need. But all of the extra things that are going to help them accomplish their strategic priorities and reach the goals in their business plan.

By setting time aside, can ensure that business owners are putting the right amount of time to these additional tasks. So that they do not have to finish them later. And so that they are actually getting them done.

If business owners find that is need to be adjusted in their schedule. Once they start utilizing that schedule. Business coach says they can do that, until they find a schedule that works perfectly for them.

By setting aside time for everything that needs to get accomplished. Business owners are ensuring they can get everything done. Which will help them feel less overwhelmed in their business.

And will help them grow their business, so that they can get the time freedom that they truly want. But they need to work hard in their business first in order to achieve that.