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Business Coach | Why It Is Necessary to Have a Six-Day Week


While many business owners may not like the idea of the six day work week initially says business coach. It is often necessary in order to get everything accomplished in the business consistently.

Not only do many business owners underestimate how long it will take them to get several duties done in their business. From administrative tasks, to creating checklists and templates. And marketing just to name a few says business coach.

But they also overestimate what they are going to be able to get accomplished in the first year of their business. And these lofty goals. Often require business owner to do a large amount of work.

While there is nothing wrong with a large amount of work in the business. Being prepared for that large amount of work by creating a time block schedule before the business owner opens the doors to their business.

Can help prepare them for what it is going to take to get all of these tasks done. And ensure that they do not forget something important. And that there is enough time in their day for each of the tasks.

Once an entrepreneur schedules everything into their calendar. They will realize why their business coach is saying that it is not possible to do it all on a five-day week. And there can be a lot of benefits to having a six-day week as well.

For example, many customers value businesses that are open evenings and weekends. Because they are often unable to get to businesses during business hours. Because they themselves are at work.

Therefore, business owners can be successful at attracting new clientele to their business. By being open that additional day. That they decided to be open for, so that they could get more tasks done in their business.

Another benefit of being a six-day week. Is that business owners will be able to get everything done through the course of their workday. So that they do not have to stay late at their business any longer.

Having that consistent schedule is very important for the business owners family. Want to ensure that they can see their family member on a consistent basis.

It will also ensure that they do not have to take work home, which can make it seem like an entrepreneur is always at work. And it can make it very frustrating for the family members as well.

And since owners complain that they think it is going to be overwhelming. It is even more overwhelming for entrepreneurs to have a five-day workweek. And then never get anything accomplished.

Rather than having a consistent six-day week schedule. That they will be able to get everything done consistently. And then leave work on time. Is going to be much less overwhelming.

Once an entrepreneur is convinced of a six-day schedule. All they have to do is ensure that they schedule things regularly. And give themselves enough time to get each of those tasks done. So that they do not end up having to return to tasks in order to finish them.

Why Do You Provide Business Coach Services?


It is very important for entrepreneurs to have a schedule ahead of opening their business says business coach. So that they understand exactly how many hours they are going to have to work in their business.

According to industry Canada, 15% of businesses fail in the first year of owning their business. while 30% fail in the second year of owning their business.

There are a lot of mistakes that business owners make in the first and second year. That can contribute to the high failure rates. Which is why business coach recommends they create a time block schedule.

If business owners are not prepared to work the long hours that it takes to run a successful business. They may not put enough hours in to make it past the first and second year.

As well, if they create a time block schedule. They will have an extremely good idea of everything that they need to get done in their business.

And they will see how important it is to work that additional sixth day. Because there would not be time otherwise to get everything done.

Among the tasks that they need to put into their schedule is administrative duties. Entrepreneurs can often underestimate how much time it is going to take to get these done.

Often because business owners think that the tasks are so easy, that they can get them done quickly. Even though the reality is, that these tasks are easy but take time.

By putting them into the time blocks calendar. Can help business owners understand exactly how much time it is going to take them. So that they can end up with a realistic time schedule.

The next thing that they are going to put into their time blocks calendar says business coach. Will be time for marketing and sales in their business. This is very important.

Because 42% of all failed entrepreneurs. Say that the reason why they failed is because they could not sell enough products and services to customers.

Whether they could not sell enough products and services to customers because they did not market their business or products and services. Or whether they did not market their business consistently.

Really illustrates to business owners how important it is to consistently market their business. Which is why needs to be in the calendar on a weekly basis.

In addition to administrative duties marketing and sales. Business coach recommends putting recruiting and training staff into their business schedule.

Even if they are not hiring immediately. Constantly recruiting, means that they are meeting a wide variety of candidates. And increasing the chances of one of those candidates being a great fit for their business. At the time that they need to hire.

Once a business owner has scheduled their tasks in, they will see that it would not have been possible to do that. As well as have time for their billable tasks. In a five-day week. That they can be prepared to work six days a week in their business.