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Business Coach | Why Avoiding Multitasking Is Important

Even though many business owners believe that multitasking is a skill says their business coach. The truth is, multitasking makes people work slower, and produce poor quality results.

The reason why, is because even though multitasking feels efficient. Because people are busy when they are doing it. Studies have shown that people need to be working for twenty-three minutes on average.

In order to reach their brains productivity level. And when people are multitasking, they are bouncing around between several different tasks at the same time. Which ensures they never reach that peak productivity zone.

And because they are not focused on a task for any length of time. The quality of the work that they are able to do will drop significantly. Therefore, people should avoid multitasking at all costs.

And while many people can understand that multitasking is not efficient. They also believe that they are the exception to the rule. And that they can multitask in order to increase their own efficiency.

There a business coach will say that this is unfortunately not true. And that the science behind multitasking. Proves that not only is everybody very bad at multitasking.

But the people that think that they are good at it are actually the people who are the worst at multitasking. Showing entrepreneurs whites important that they should avoid this terrible business practice.

However, many business owners continue to multitask. Because they do not know how to avoid doing it. As they often get interrupted and pulled into many different directions in their business.

The first key to avoiding multitasking. Is it creating a time block to schedule? With time set aside for every single task in their business. No matter how big or small it is. With enough time to complete each task.

It is very important that a business owner ensures that there is enough time to complete each task. Because if they create time blocks that are too short. They are switching to the next task before they are done one.

This means they will have to come back to the unfinished task at a later date, and spend more time figuring out where they left off. Then if they made a slightly longer time block to complete that task.

Also, their business coach will tell them that they need to ensure the time blocks are long enough. Because if they have time blocks that are too short. They will only just reach their peak productivity zone.

And then have to switch tasks, causing them to have to work twenty-three minutes again. To reach their peak productivity level. A business owner needs to spend as much time working in that peak productivity zone.

So I ensuring they have long time blocks, they can get to that level of productivity. And then stay there, so that they can get a lot accomplished.

Time blocking will also help business owners see how long their business day actually needs to be. Which should start at six in the morning, and be about twelve hours long.

So that a business owner can get enough done in their day. That will actually help them grow a successful business.

Even though many people put multitasking on their resume, entrepreneurs’ business coach will say this is not a skill to be celebrated. In fact, multitasking is not a skill at all, but a detriment.

The reason why, is because of multitasking causes people to work slower. and multitasking also causes people to produce lower quality results, both of which are very bad when it comes to business owners.

And while many people often think of the image of a successful entrepreneur. As one who is always multitasking throughout the day. This is not reality at all.

With the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, such as Warren Buffett. Avoiding multitasking, by minimizing and eliminating distractions. And creating a time block schedule so that they stay on task.

For a business owner, eliminating distractions can be scary. As it will require them to turn off their phone, and turn off email notifications for hours at a time.

And that might feel very foreign, especially as many business owners answer emails as soon as they come in. And answer the phone whenever it brings. However, this will cause them to never be as efficient as possible.

Because they will allow themselves to be distracted. And work on other people’s priorities instead of their own. And their own priorities are going to be the ones that make them money in their business.

There business coach will say that they can create a time block dedicated to checking their voicemail or returning phone messages and emails that are important. But they should avoid responding to things as they come in.

Once they have done this, the next thing that they need to do according to their business coach. Is turn off their cell phone, or turn it to silent while they are working. So that they do not get notifications.

Social media, personal email and text messages. Can completely derail an entrepreneur’s momentum. And cause them to not work in their peak productivity zone. Even if they are not checking their messages.

Therefore, coming to work and turning their phone on silent. Will ensure that business owners are going to be able to eliminate those distractions, that Rob many people of their productivity.

Once they have their time block schedule, and are avoiding distractions. There a business coach will recommend putting their entire staff on the same schedule. So that everyone can work efficiently and without interruptions.

When they do that, they should also ensure that there is time in the schedule. For collaboration, and time for their staff to ask questions. So that they know that there will be a time to talk to the business owner.

So they do not interrupt them during focused time. And so that the staff can also get into their peak productivity zones. and get even more work accomplished for the business, because they themselves are not interrupted as well.