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Business Coach | Why a Six-Day Workweek Is Beneficial


Many business owners think that they are going to be able to work a five-day workweek says business coach. Or even that they are going to be able to work less they first start their business.

And while time freedom is something that business owners will be able to do. It is something that should be a long-term goal. Because of how many tasks need to get done in the business in the short term.

Many business owners actually underestimate what they are going to be able to get accomplished in the first year of their business. Thinking that they are going to be able to get a lot more done than they can actually do.

Therefore, it is important that they understand that they need to work more than they would if they were an employee. So that they can get all of the strategic priorities done that they need.

This is why it is so important for business owner to sit down with their business coach and create a business plan. So that not only they know what their goals for the business are and what they look like.

But so that they can figure out what the strategic priorities are that they need to work on. And schedule them into their workweek on a daily and weekly basis. To ensure that they get done.

Because these strategic priorities need to be scheduled in around the work that an entrepreneur does to sell their products and services to customers. A business owner needs to realize that they will have to work more hours in their business. To get it all accomplished.

In addition to those strategic priorities. That are going to be necessary to helping entrepreneurs reach their goals. They also need to accomplish many other tasks. That are important to keep their business running smoothly.

Tasks such as administrative duties, that include entering financial information into their accounting software. So that they have the most up-to-date financial information in order to make decisions with.

And things like paying bills, running payroll, invoicing clients, and calling customers to pay their bills. Can end up taking a lot more time that an entrepreneur initially realizes.

And if they do not sit down with their business coach and create an effective schedule. Business owners may try to get these things done either at the very end of their day.

Then realize it takes more time than that, and those tasks do not get done. Or they are working hours and hours of overtime to get them completed.

Or they think that they are going to be able to take that work home. And work on it away from their business. In order to get it done.

And while this is a plan that has the best of intentions. It either does not work out because a business owner will not work on their administrative duties when they get home from work.

Because they are busy around lacks thing relaxing and spending time with their family. Or if they do get it done, then they feel resentful because it feels like they are always at work.

Therefore, business owners need to schedule time to get everything done. And that is when they often realize that they are not going to be able to get it done in a five day work week. Which is why they need to work six days a week at least when they first start their business.

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Many business owners often start their business with the idea of working less in mind says business coach. Which is why they may feel opposed to a six-day workweek when they first hear it.

They often believe that working six days a week is going to make them feel overwhelmed. However, if they try to work a five-day workweek. And are not able to get everything done effectively.

They will usually feel even more overwhelmed, because they cannot get it all done effectively. And always feel like they have to work over time, or justly things undone at their business.

However, business coach says if they work a six-day workweek. Not only will they be able to get all of their work done. But all of the additional things that are needed to get done. In order to grow their business.

Not only is it important for business owner to get all of their billable work done. But they also need to set aside time on a consistent basis. Is for their sales and marketing activities.

Not only is this the number one reason why entrepreneurs fail, is because they cannot find enough customers to buy their products and services.

And this is not typically because business owners started a business that did not have a customer base. But more likely that business owners did not effectively market their business.

And while many business owners think that all they have to do be successful is just open their business. This is not true, and even the best businesses in the world needs to advertise says business coach.

And not just advertise when they first open the doors to their business. But they need to advertise and market their business on a consistent basis. Which is why it should be in their schedule on a weekly basis.

If business owners only work on their sales and marketing when they are not busy. They will find that they are not able to get consistently busy. That they will always have busy periods, followed by slow periods.

Therefore, by setting aside time every single week to do sales and marketing. Can ensure that business owners are doing this regularly. Even when they are busy, so that they do not find that they have a well in their business the next week.

This can also ensure that they do not run the risk of going out of business. Because they are not finding enough customers by their products and services.

Therefore, by putting sales and marketing into their weekly schedule. Might make it so that a business owner is unable to do that as well as their billable tasks in their business.

Which is the benefits of working a six-day week. Business owners can get all of the strategic priorities of their business done. In addition to the billable work that will allow them to sell their products and services and grow their revenue.