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Business Coach | Why a Six-Day Work Week Is Necessary


There are many things that business owners need to learn to help them succeed according to their business coach. Because not only is there an extremely high failure rate of entrepreneurs in Canada. But because the number all of these reasons why entrepreneurs are not successful. Are completely avoidable.

Therefore, it is important that business owners create a schedule. That allows them to accomplish all of the tasks in their business. And these tasks will be able to help them accomplish their business goals.

But these tasks will also help them avoid the most common obstacles that entrepreneurs face. As well as get everything done that business owners need in order to grow a successful business.

The reason why it is important to schedule. Is because without a schedule, business coach says entrepreneurs are more likely to underestimate the time is going to take to do these tasks.

But also, without a schedule, it becomes less likely that an entrepreneur is going to make the time for a lot of these tasks. Which is why is very important to create a time block schedule.

So that an entrepreneur has time for everything. Even when they may have forgotten what needs to get done. And so that they can ensure that they have the right amount of time set aside each task as well.

Business owners typically underestimate the time needed to accomplish administrative tasks. And without this set aside in their calendar. Can often have business owners not accomplishing their administrative tasks.

Because many business owners got into the business that they are in. Because they love the industry. And not because they love doing paperwork.

However, setting aside time every single week to get this done. Can ensure that business owners are actually working on this. Because it is going to be very necessary to help them run their business.

Business owners also are not setting aside enough time for sales and marketing. With some business owners sitting aside no time at all. Inking that they are going to be able to find customers. Just by being very good at what they do.

However, this is the number one reason why businesses fail. Is because they are unable to find customers for their products and services. Which is why all business owners need to ensure that they have time set aside for marketing.

They also need to set aside time for recruiting and training staff as well as making checklists and templates. Because these are going to be the activities that will allow them to grow their business when it is time to grow.

Once a business owner starts putting all of these activities into their calendar. Is coach says they will likely discover that they do not have enough time to complete these tasks. Unless they start working as six-day work week says business coach.

By switching their week two working six days. It can ensure that there getting everything accomplished. That will allow them to run a successful business. And accomplish all of their goals.

What Is The Point Of Getting A Business Coach?


many business owners get into business to have time freedom says business coach. And this is a popular goal for many business owners. But it needs to be a long-term goal, and not a short-term goal.

The reason why it is not going to be possible for business owners to accomplish in the short term. Is because there are so many tasks that a business owner must work on to grow their business.

And since business owners will not likely be able to afford staff at this point. They are going to have to do every single task themselves. Which can take even more time than they think.

In addition to having less or no staff. And having to work on all tasks for the business themselves. There will also be more business tasks then entrepreneurs even realize.

Business coach says entrepreneurs need to ensure that they have time for administrative duties. Because these are going to help them run their business smoothly. And have the right financial information, and ensure that they have paid bills and staff correctly.

Business owners also need to ensure that they have time to do sales and marketing. Because not only did business owners need to work on this. But they need to work on it consistently. If they are going to grow their business consistently as well.

In addition to that, they need to set aside time to recruit and train staff. Even if they are not currently hiring. Because it will take more time to find the right person in their business than they realize.

And if they only start looking for staff once they have a need. Not only can it take much longer to find that person, which may result in stalling the growth of their business.

But also, it might take so long that they end up hiring the best person that they interview says business coach. And that person may not be the best person for their business.

But because they run out of time looking, they hire that person. Even though it is not the ideal fit they are looking for. This is why it is important to always be recruiting in a business.

In addition to that, business coach says it is important to regularly train staff members. And by setting aside that time for everyone to grow and improve. Can ensure that even when the business is extremely busy.

That the staff as well as business owner are able to better themselves, and learn how to do things better. As well as learn how to do things more efficiently. So that they can always be providing their customers with the best product and service.

All of these things are so vital to the success of the business. That entrepreneurs may realize that a five-day work week just is not enough time. And can help them adopt a six-day work week or easily.

By working as six-day workweek. Can help an entrepreneur get everything done easily. So that they are not stressed, and they are getting everything that they need done to be successful.