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Business Coach | Understanding a Six Day Work Week


Even though business owners can benefit from working six days a week, business coach says it is hard to convince business owners to do this. Especially when they are new in business. Because they believe that they will have immediate time freedom when they first start their business.

And while time freedom is a great goal. It needs to be a long-term goal. Because the first couple years of business ownership. Is for business owners to get as much accomplished as they can.

One thing that business coach says is the downfall of many entrepreneurs. Is that they believe that they will get more accomplished in their first year. Then they are actually able to do.

When that is coupled with underestimating how long it will take them to do important business tasks. They can end up with a situation where they run out of time. To get every thing accomplish that they want.

This is why business coach recommends entrepreneurs work six day work week. Instead of a traditional five-day week. Because they will be able to get more accomplished for their business.

One of the first things that business owners should understand about working a six day work week. Is that most businesses have customers who value those evening and weekend times.

Especially if it is a business that does not traditionally open in the evening or on weekends. They can attract a whole new segment of customers.

Who are unable to get to those types of businesses during their typical business hours. Therefore, they should be able to find even more customers than they would if they were not open six days a week.

Another thing that business owners should understand. Is that all of the additional functions that a business owner needs to work on. From administrative duties, to sales and marketing.

Recruiting and training staff. Are not possible to get done in a typical forty hour work week. Therefore, if a business owner wants to accomplish the goals of their business plan. Business coach says they need to create a schedule where they are working six days a week.

Because not only do they need to do these additional tasks. But they also need to work on billable tasks. So that they can invoice for their products and services for their customers.

And if a business owner thinks that they can skip out on doing some of the important tasks. They may find that there business is stalling. When it should be growing, because they are not working on all of the tasks they need to.

In order to fit all of these tasks in. Not only does not an entrepreneur need to work six days a week. They should also create a time block schedule. That includes a spot for all of these important tasks. As well as the length of time that they will be up to get these things done in.

By working a six day work week. Can help entrepreneurs get all of their strategic priorities done. And achieve all of the goals of their business. That will allow them to have time freedom in the future.

Why Do I Need A Business Coach?


While many business owners it into business in order to have the freedom of time, business coach says that freedom of time. Come once they have built their business. And is something that they have to work to achieve.

In fact, in addition to the typical billable work that an entrepreneur must accomplish in their business. They also needs to work on administrative duties.

Such as billing customers, phoning customers for payment. Paying bills and running payroll, as well as working on their financial statements and entering information into their accounting software.

And while these tasks may seem easy. That does not mean that they do not take time to do. Which can have business owners assuming that these tasks will be very quick to get done.

When they sit down with their business coach and create a time block to schedule. Entrepreneurs will be able to understand approximately how long each of these important tasks will take.

And they will start to see why it is not possible for business owners to get things accomplished in their typical five day work week. And why they need to start working sixty week instead.

In addition to administrative duties. Entrepreneurs also need to set time aside for marketing and sales. And that they do that every single week. So that they can end up with consistent results.

In fact, the most common reason why entrepreneurs in Canada fail. Is because they are unable to find enough customers to buy their products and services.

And this is either because they are not spending any time on their sales and marketing. They are not consistent enough in their sales and marketing. Which is why it is of utmost importance. For entrepreneurs to include it in their time block schedule.

If business owners end up only focusing on their sales and marketing when they have time. They will end up never having consistent growth. And will end up finding out that a busy period is followed immediately by a very slow period.

Once an entrepreneur has their sales and marketing as well as administrative duties scheduled in. They need to ensure that they have time set aside for recruiting and training staff.

And that they also set time aside for creating checklists and templates. So that not only will they build to find great people consistently, they will be able to train them. And then ensure that they can handoff tasks to those staff because they have created automated systems for them.

There so many things that can help a business owner succeed. And working in a six day work week is one of them. And before an entrepreneur starts thinking that this is going to make them feel overwhelmed.

Business coach says it is going to be far less overwhelming to get all of the tasks accomplished on time and consistently. Then it is to work less hours, but to never get everything accomplished in the business.