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Are always exceptions to every rule, says business coach, however, when it comes to starting your own business, versus taking care of and be responsible for a family, and taking care of yourself, there are exceptions to every rule. You must guard against, a lot of variables however, and try and make your life as regimented and as scheduled as humanly possible. That will prevent you from any negative surprises from the daily grind.

In terms of working late during the day personally during the night, it’s a proven fact that you will be far more productive during the day. There are far more distractions in the evening time that could prevent you from getting your work done or getting quality work done, says business coach. You could in fact be surrounded by family in the evenings, your cell phone being busy, social media, or other social events. That will prevent you from getting a job done, and progressing your small business. Most successful owners and business people do in fact guard against trying to do more in the evenings. Instead what they do is they get up earlier in the days and trying get their work done as the office is quiet and they have beaten all of the early morning rush hour traffic. Such other variables that could potentially prevent you from being a success are the fact that you may be very worn out and tired because you are working far more than the proverbial full-time job. Make sure that you take some time to go on vacation or at least take some time away from the office. In order to recharge, and be ready for when you come back. However, if you do have extra work to do before you take some time away from the office make sure that you get that done, preferably in the mornings. However, if you feel as though there’s a lot of work done take some time both earlier than when work starts and later than when work ends.

When you come back from your vacation, you should feel fresh and energized in order to get a lot of work done. Your mind is now free and relaxed, and so is your body.

Business coach suggests that once you get back from vacation, to make sure that you have everything planned for work for your workday or week, a day ahead at least. What this means is make sure that all of your workloads are ready, all of your files are in order for the meetings and it in the week, while your lunches are done, and make sure your alarm is set. This is very important as for the last week or two when you were off on a vacation your schedule has no doubt changed. You have to get back into the routine of work..

Starting early could be one of those many tools in your toolbox that allows you much success.

Despite the fact that, according to industry Canada, says business coach, 15% of businesses fail in year one, 30% fail by year number two of their existence, and 50% of all businesses will dissolve by their fifth year, there are ways that you can do to guard against those failures.

One of the things that you can do to guard against potential failure is get into a very regimented and routine schedule. Consider working earlier in the day rather than later at night. As most successful professionals can attest to, most of them, if not all of them, will always be getting up early so that they are refreshed, and ready for the days successes.

If in fact you are organized then expect to feel as though you have more successes during the day then more failures. It is an interesting fact that more accomplishments will garner more momentum for work during your day. If in fact you coming with a positive attitude and hard work ethic, the chances of you succeeding that day and that week, says business coach are much greater.

Attempt to guard against working more during the evening times when you are with your family at home than in the early mornings when you could be in the office while your family sleeps. Your family wants to spend a lot of time with you because they don’t see you a lot as you are attempting to accumulate financial and time freedom for yourself and for your family. Make sure that that time, that time that they are most often free, is the time that you make free in your busy schedule as well. What you can always do is, while they are still sleeping in the early morning, you can then attempt to go to the office early and get a lot of your work done. This will not allow you to waste any time with your family and you can be there for them during all of their trials and tribulations, and wins and accomplishments well. Remember that, according to business coach, you technically have two lives. The one life at work, and the one life at home. Although they may not be very balanced you should be in the moment when you are present with both of these lives.

Consider getting your employees on the same schedule as you. First off, when you arrive at work early, and your employees, as they arrive for work see you already working, that will instill much motivation in them to continue on a very hard-working day. They will think that you are working very hard for the businesses success. This means that you will be working very hard for their success as well. That bodes well and is very good for optics in terms of your employees.

As well, you will be able to make a schedule early in the morning ahead of the beginning of your day so that you know exactly what Julie doing. You can pass those onto your employees.