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Business Coach | the Dangers of Multitasking

Even though many entrepreneurs believe the path to success will include multitasking, their business coach will disagree. In fact, by multitasking, they are putting their business in jeopardy.

The reason why business owners should avoid multitasking at all costs. Is not only because it causes them to work slower. It also causes them to do a poor job on the tasks that they are working on.

Instead, business owners should do what the most successful entrepreneurs in the world do. Such as Warren Buffett, and that is to create a schedule that minimizes multitasking and interruptions.

According to many studies, it takes the average person twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work. In order for their brain to reach its peak productivity. Once interrupted, they need to work twenty-three minutes again.

In order to reach the same level of productivity they once had. So interruptions actually cause people to work slower, because they are not working as productively as they could be.

As well, because their brains are not working their best. When people are multitasking, they are not doing a quality job on the tasks that they are working on.

This is why all business owners should avoid multitasking at once. And they can start getting out of this habit by creating a time block schedule says their business coach.

By creating block of time for every task that they need to get accomplished in their week. Not only are they ensuring that there going to have time to accomplish everything they need to get done in their business.

No matter how big or small the task is. And it can also help them see exactly how many hours they are going to need to work every day in their business. In order to get every task done.

They will also see that if they are not able to get everything done that needs to get accomplished. That they are going to have to work longer hours, which they typically will want to avoid whenever possible.

The next thing that there business coach will let them know they need to do. In order to avoid multitasking. And that is to eliminate interruptions and distractions in their day. Starting with their phone and email.

It can be quite scary for business owner to let the phone ring to voicemail, or to not read their email. But this is what they need to do in order to work as efficiently as possible.

When business owners work out of their inbox, but tends to happen. Is that they start answering emails, and as they finish that task. More emails will come in, so they stay in their inbox.

And they never get any other tasks done. Which is why they should avoid working out of their inbox to begin with. By setting up a time to read and respond to emails. Can help business owners avoid the trap of spending an entire day working on email.

The sooner business owners can create a time schedule, and minimize interruptions and distractions. The sooner they will be able to accomplish everything they need to grow a successful business.

Many business owners who may not realize how bad multitasking is for their business according to their business coach. However, the most successful entrepreneurs know not only how that they need to avoid this. But they also know how to avoid it as well.

Even though many entrepreneurs think successful is is owners. Our multitasking all of the time. The opposite is actually true, if anyone has ever tried to get a hold of a successful entrepreneur.

They will find that it is actually quite impossible. Because they have set up their own the systems to ensure. That they cannot be interrupted when they are working on their important tasks.

This is exactly what a small business owner must do for themselves. To ensure that they do not let distractions derail their entire day. Causing them to get nothing done that needs to get accomplished.

Starting with their cell phone, turning their phone to silent. So that they do not get phone calls, email notifications. And even text messages, and social media notifications.

Because none of those things will help ensure that they can get their tasks in their business done. And can cause them to get even less done, even if they just hear the notifications coming in.

By limiting these distractions, business owners can ensure that once they start working on their focused tasks. They will be able to get to that productivity after twenty-three minutes of uninterrupted work.

And then stay in that peak productivity zone, for as long as it takes them to accomplish one task. And they can ensure that they stay in this peak productivity zone. When they share this information with their staff.

Putting their staff on the same schedule as they are on. Can eliminate even more interruptions and distractions. As everyone will be working on focused tasks at the same time says their business coach.

This is also why it is very important for business owners to put into their schedule. A time for collaboration. So that their staff will know exactly when there is going to be time to ask questions of the business owner.

This can help minimize everybody’s distractions and interruptions. Ensure that the staff can also work in their peak productivity zone. To get tasks at work accomplished in a more timely fashion as well.

If this means turning the phones of the business to silent while focused work is happening. Business owners need to know that this is okay and that they can create a time to call everyone back and respond to their messages.

The sooner entrepreneurs can eliminate multitasking from their life. The sooner they are going to be able to get even more done in their business. To help them reach their business goals even faster.

If entrepreneurs have any questions about scheduling or minimizing distractions. They can always reach out to their business coach and ask for more tips and tricks about what they need to do, in order to help them be more successful.