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Business Coach | the Benefits of a Six-Day Workweek

If entrepreneurs want to increase their chances of success, business coach says they should create a six-day workweek schedule. The reason why, is because this schedule can help entrepreneurs get all of the tasks done in their business. That they will help them become successful.

Many business owners tend to underestimate the time it is going to take to accomplish the additional tasks in their business. Such as administrative duties, sales and marketing, and recruiting and training staff.

They know how many hours they need to work on billable work. And think that is going to take less time to do all of the other strategic priorities. To accomplish the goals set out in their business plan.

However, while the additional tasks might be easy to do. They all take time. And if a business owner is not scheduling these tasks into their workweek. They might not get done at all.

However, a business owner might find that when they start creating their time block schedule says business coach. That there is not enough time in their workweek.

To get all of these additional tasks done. As well as their billable work. And this is the time that they should start considering six-day workweek instead of a traditional five-day work.

And while many business owners think that this is going to lead to them feeling overwhelmed. Business coach says this is actually the opposite of what will happen. And working one day longer in their week.

Can help them get everything done that they need. Which will help them not feel overwhelmed. And if they stayed at working five days a week. Not only would they not get everything done.

But that would lead to feelings of being overwhelmed. Because they are not able to get everything accomplished easily. They might even start staying late in order to get things done.

And end up not being home to see their family, or feel rested and relaxed before going back to work the next day. And this is very important that they feel rested so that they can work another busy day at work.

The benefit of working a six-day workweek. Is that by accomplishing everything that they can comfortably. This is owners can eventually start to get so much accomplished in their business.

That taking more time off in the future. Becomes much more plausible for business owners. And since time freedom is a common goal for most business owners. This is an important way that they can accomplish that.

By creating a schedule, business owners can time in for their administrative duties, recruiting and training staff, and even creating templates. That will help them automate their services, and start doing things even more efficiently.

When they are able to create systems efficiencies in their business. They will be able to save even more time. But they need to set aside time in the first place to create those checklists and templates.

By setting six-day workweek. Can help entrepreneurs be successful in their business. so that they can achieve all of their goals such as having time freedom, and accumulating wealth.

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When business owners first start their business, they often have the goal of time freedom says business coach. And while this is a very good goal to have. It needs to be a long-term goal for business owners.

There is many reasons why it will have to be a long-term goal, and the main one is that there will be far more tasks to accomplish in their business. Then many business owners realize when they first opened the doors to their business.

Not only will they need to set aside time for administrative duties. Such as entering information into their accounting software, invoicing, doing collection calls to clients who are not paying. Filing paperwork, doing payroll and paying bills just to name a few.

And while these tasks are not difficult to do. They are important to get done. And often take more time than business owners often assume in the beginning.

Another task that business owners may not find time for. If they do not to schedule it into their regular workweek. And that is recruiting staff.

One of the most inefficient ways to hire staff for small businesses says business coach. Is to start looking when there is a need, and then read through resumes. To look for the few that a business owner is going to do a one on one interview with.

Not only will that take time to get resumes, and then read through them. Will also take an hour of an entrepreneurs time to have a one on one interview these candidates.

And this is not going to ensure that a business owner will find a great candidate for their business. Even after all that time is spent looking for candidates.

And when this happens, business owners often feel like so much time has been wasted. That they need to hire one of those people. Even if they may not be the best fit for their organization.

Instead, business owners can create time in their schedule. To meet potential candidates every single week. So that when an opening does come up, they will have met dozens of people by that time if not hundreds.

And chances are quite high that one of those people will be a good fit for their business. And they can simply call them and offer them the job when they have an opening.

Without setting time aside to do this. Business owners will always be looking for someone to hire reactionary. Instead of being proactive and already have a great pool of candidates to draw from.

They also need to ensure that they have time to regularly train their staff. By having that in their calendar as well, can ensure that even when things are busy in their business. That the staff is getting training that will help them be extremely effective in their role in the business.

With how important these additional tasks are in a business. An entrepreneur is likely to find that there is not enough time in their five day workweek says business coach.

And working a six-day workweek. Can ensure that they are getting everything done. To an extremely high degree of excellence. That will help them in their business.