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Business Coach | Stop Multitasking Now

The one thing and onto the doors business coach will recommend they do immediately. Is to stop multitasking in their business. Because it is not helping them get more tasks accomplished in their day.

In fact, when entrepreneurs are multitasking. Not only are they getting even less work accomplished then if they were focusing. But they will also be getting a poor quality of work done, because they are not focusing on each task.

Even though many business owners think that multitasking can increase their efficiency. Because it will allow them to get many things done at the same time. All it actually does says there business coach.

Is causes people to bounce around from one task to the other, before completing each task. This means that they are going to work more slowly because they are not in their peak productivity zone.

Studies have shown that it takes the average person about twenty-three minutes. Of working uninterrupted, to reach their peak productivity. And when people multitask, that does not happen.

Since multitasking is just switching tasks, quickly. People who multitask do not actually get into that productivity zone, that can help them work more efficiently, and to hire quality.

This is why entrepreneurs need to stop multitasking immediately. However, many entrepreneurs may try to avoid multitasking. But find that it is impossible to not get pulled into several different directions during their day.

And this is why they hire a business coach, to help them minimize those distractions. In the first thing that they will be told to do, is to create a time block to schedule for their day, and week.

Time blocking is setting aside blocks of time in the future. Dedicated to specific tasks. And business owners should have not only their day, but their week, month and year. Planned out with all of their tasks that they need to do.

This is one way that business owners can ensure that they have enough time in their day. To accomplish everything that has been outlined in their business plan.

But it is also going to show entrepreneurs, especially when they are new in business. How many hours in their day they need to work. In order to get everything in their business plan accomplished by the end of the year.

By knowing exactly what tasks they need to work on as soon as they walk into their business each day. Can help entrepreneurs avoid getting distracted, because they know what tasks need to get work done.

They also know exactly how much time they have to work on them, and by getting distracted. They will not get these tasks done in time.

But also, if business owners do get pulled into a different direction. Having that scheduled to come back to is very important. To ensure that they do not get the rest of their day derailed by other tasks.

The sooner business owners can create time block schedules. The sooner they can eliminate multitasking. Which is one of the first things that they can do, to help them succeed.

Even though many business owners understand that multitasking is bad says there business coach. They often do not know what they can do to stop the distractions from happening. That cause them to be pulled in many different directions at the same time.

Often, people get distracted by staff, customers or even suppliers. But they can also get distracted by phone calls, emails. And even the business owners own text messages and social media notifications.

Therefore, the first thing that there business coach will often recommend. In order to help entrepreneurs stop multitasking. That is to turn off their phone at work, and turn off email notifications.

And only get back to voicemails during a specific time block in their day. And only look at their emails and respond during one specific time block. This way, they can avoid being reactive.

Which can cause them to work out of their inbox all day long. And not actually get any of their strategic priorities accomplished. That they need to work on, in order to grow their business and be successful.

They can always ask staff to man the phones, and read through the emails and respond. So that business owners only have important phone messages. Or important emails to respond to during that time block.

But it is very important that they avoid the problem of being very reactive when these interruptions come into their business. Because it is important to attend to the reasons why people are calling and emailing.

A business owner also needs to ensure that all of their strategic priorities as outlined in their business plan. Can get accomplished as well, because these are the things that are going to allow them grow their business.

The next thing that there business coach will recommend. It is to turn their cell phone off, or to silent. When they are working on any of the time blocks in their schedule. So that those do not become a distraction.

Even though many people think that cell phones and help them stay connected. There business coach says all cell phones do, is help keep people addicted to social media.

And anything that can distract them on their cell phone. Is not going to help them grow their business. Which is why they should get into the habit early on in their business. Of turning their cell phone to silent during the day.

If there are important phone calls or text messages that come through. They can look at them when they are not trying to get into their peak productivity zone. And get as much high-quality work accomplished as possible.

The sooner business owners can stop the interruptions in their business. The sooner they are going to be able to stop multitasking. And start working far more efficiently, in order to get more accomplished in their business.

By creating a time block to schedule, and eliminating distractions and interruptions. Business owners can start working as efficiently as possible. So that they can grow their business.