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Business Coach | Should Entrepreneurs Work Six Days a Week

While many business owners start a business in order to have time freedom says business coach. As well as financial freedom, both of those goals should be long-term goals.

The reason why business owners are not going to be able to have time freedom when they first opened the doors to their business. Is because there are so many tasks that need to get accomplished in the business.

And often, business owners will not have the ability to hire staff immediately. So they need to do all of those tasks themselves. Which means they will have even more tasks to accomplish than they first realize.

This is why business coach recommends that entrepreneurs sit down and create a time block to schedule. So that they can schedule time for all of the tasks they need to get done.

By utilizing a business plan, that has a list of goals that business owners want to accomplish. They can put all of the strategic priorities in their schedule. That needs to get done in order for business owners to reach their goals.

However, when business owners start writing their time block schedule. They may realize that there is not enough time to get all of their strategic priorities accomplished. And all of the tasks they need to sell their products and services in their business.

Therefore, business owners may find that adding a sixth day to their work week. It is going to be the way that they are able to get everything accomplished in their week.

In fact, while some business owners think that working S6 they work week is going to be overwhelming. Business coach argues that working five day workweek. And not having time to get everything done will make business owners it feel even more overwhelmed.

They need to ensure that they have time set aside for all of the administrative tasks that they need to accomplish in their business. From entering information into their accounting software, to paying bills. As well as running payroll, invoicing and collection calls on clients.

While these tasks are easy, they are considerably more time-consuming than many people assume. Which means business owners are going to underestimate the time it will take unless they effectively schedule their time.

In addition to administrative time. Business owners will need to schedule time in for sales and marketing, recruiting and training staff, and creating checklists and templates just to name a few.

If business owners think that they are going to be able to get these things accomplished in their spare time. While that might be the best of intentions. This typically does not work in reality.

Not only will a business owner not want to think about work when they get home. And want to spend time with their family. If they do bring work home, not only can they feel resentful, and feel like they are always at work.

But their family will also start to feel resentful. And feel like their loved one is always working. May be less supportive about their business endeavour.

Therefore, working five day workweek may not give an entrepreneur enough time to be successful. And should adopt a six-day workweek as soon as possible.

Who Needs To Find A Business Coach?


Many business owners may find it very beneficial to start working a six-day workweek says business coach. Because they will be able to get everything accomplished that they need in their business.

Often, business owners are getting into business ownership of an industry they have worked in for many years. And know how much time it is going to take them to do the tasks that earned them the money.

But may not realize how much time it is going to take them to do all of the other tasks of their business. Such as admin duties, sales and marketing, hiring and training staff, as well as writing checklists and templates.

Therefore, if they think that they are going to be able to work a typical forty hour work week. That they had when they were an employee. They may be setting their business up for failure.

By working a 6 day workweek. Can give entrepreneurs the time they need to get all of these additional tasks done. Without having to work over time, or feel stressed out or overwhelmed.

By creating this schedule says business coach. Business owners can also reassure their family. That by adhering to the schedule. Means that they can get home consistently every nights at the same time.

The reason why business owners need to set time aside regularly for their sales and marketing. Is to ensure that is getting done on a consistent basis.

If business owners only work on sales and marketing when their business dips down a little bit. What they are going to find is that they are always going to have that been flow of business. Instead of staying consistently busy.

Thank make it very difficult to plan for staff, with some weeks being busier than others. Which is why consistently working on the marketing. Can help ensure that a business stays consistently busy.

As they get busier, they will be able to plan for that, and hire staff because they know that they are consistently busy. However, if it is not in a business owner’s schedule, it is not likely to get done on a regular basis.

And this is the same thing with staff training. If business owners only trained staff when they are first hired. They may not remember all of the things that they are taught when they are first hired.

Which is why a consistent training schedule every week. Ensures that business owners are regularly communicating with their staff. And even when things get incredibly busy. The staff still is getting the training they need to excel in their positions.

If business owners have any questions about how to effectively schedule a six-day work. They can always call their business coach to find out what they need to know that can help them.

And the sooner they have this workweek scheduled. The sooner they are going to be able to get everything done in their business to help them be successful.