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Business Coach | Scheduling a Six-Day Work Week


It is very important for business owners to create a schedule before opening their business according to their business coach. So that they know exactly what they are going to be doing as soon as they open the doors to their business.

This will allow them to avoid wasting time. And avoid forgetting about some of the important tasks. That are necessary, but are often not as urgent as things like getting back to customers, or working on billable tasks.

Therefore, by grading a time block schedule with their business coach. They can figure out all of the tasks that need to get done. And then see why it is necessary for business owners to work twelve hour days, six days a week.

And even though some business owners think that this kind of schedule is going to be very overwhelming to maintain on a long-term basis. It is going to be far more overwhelming says business coach.

To work on an eight hour schedule, five days a week. Because they will not get everything accomplished. They will always feel like they are scrambling to catch up. And get things accomplished in their business.

Scheduling in advance ensures that business owners can think of every task that needs to get done. As well as consider how long it is going to take them to get these things accomplished.

A great example of this, is when business owners look at the administrative tasks of their business. That can include invoicing clients, sending emails and calling clients for payments. As well as paying bills, opening mail and scanning documents and running payroll.

And while they may be eventually will have an employee to help them with these tasks. When the business is new, and before an entrepreneur can afford a staff member. These are the things that they will need to spend time on.

And while they seen easy. They are also a lot more time-consuming than they assume. Which will end up with business owners running out of time to work on these. If they do not schedule their time accordingly.

Therefore, not only do they need to include these administrative tasks. But they need to ensure that they are scheduling enough time. So that they do not have to come back and do these tasks. Or so that they do not have to stay late in order to get them done.

Without a time block schedule. Many business owners make the assumption. That they can do these tasks at the very end of their day. And when the day ends, they start in on the administrative tasks. And end up leaving their business hours later.

Not only will that not be an efficient way of getting tasks done. But it can end up with them feeling like they are always at work. Or make it hard on their family. Who are never sure when they are going to see their loved one. Because they are always at work.

By understanding the importance of scheduling. Can help a business owner ensure that they have the right things scheduled. But that they understand why they must work the hours that they do.

When Will I Be Able To Hire a Good Business Coach?


There are many things that business owners need to learn when they first open the doors to their new business endeavour says business coach. And learning the sheer number of hours they need to work is one of those things.

In fact, many business owners have time freedom as one of the goals of business ownership. Which is actually why many business owners become entrepreneurs in the first place.

However, those goals of time freedom. Need to be long-term goals. Because a business owner will need to spend a significant amount of time.

In the first few years of business ownership. Growing that business into something that will give them the ability to leave it. In order to get all things accomplished.

Business coach recommends an entrepreneur adding an additional day to their week. And working as six day workweek. One of the benefits of that.

Is that the extra day may make them far more accessible to their customers. Who may appreciate being able to access that industry on a day that is not traditionally serviced.

That way, business owners may be able to get more accomplished. But they will also attract more customers at the same time. Which will make this a win-win scenario for everybody.

Other things that business owners need to ensure that they are scheduling include recruiting and training staff. Even if they are not actively hiring in their business. Making the time for recruiting is important.

The traditional way entrepreneurs have found staff is very time-consuming. And does not result in business owners hiring the best people for their business.

This is why the third most common reason why entrepreneurs fail in business. Is because they are unable to find staff in their business. And a lot of that can be attributed to not having the best hiring practices.

Therefore, business coach says when entrepreneurs are meeting recruits on a regular basis. They are developing a pool full of people who are suitable candidates for their business.

So that when the need arises for another staff member in their business. They will have great candidates all ready to choose from. Instead of having to start looking from scratch, and not being able to find the best people.

They also need to ensure that they are setting time aside to train staff says business coach. So that they will always be communicating with their staff about what is important.

Reminding them of the mission and vision of the business. And helping the staff improve regularly. So that they can continue to be vital assets to the business.

When business owners are able to train their staff in a regular basis. They will have valuable staff members. Who will want to stay where they are constantly learning. And growing in the business.

By knowing all of the tasks that a business owner should schedule. Can help ensure that they are not only scheduling the right tasks. But they will have enough time for all of those tasks. By working twelve hour days and working six days a week.