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Business Coach | Multitasking Is Not Effective

Even though many business owners think multitasking is the key to getting a lot done according to their business coach. The science behind that proves that this is actually not true.

According to the studies that have been done on the subject. It takes an average person approximately twenty-three minutes. Of working uninterrupted, in order to reach their peak productivity.

Not only when they work uninterrupted are they working as productively as possible. But they are also completing a very high quality of work. Because they are focused, and are not getting interrupted.

Because each time person who is interrupted from their focused work time. They must take an additional twenty-three minutes from when that interruption ended. To get back into their peak productivity zone.

Therefore, when people are multitasking, there business coach says they are not only not getting into their peak productivity. Which means there actually accomplishing things slower.

But they are also getting a poor quality of work done, in addition to working slower. Which is why their business coach recommends all business owners avoid multitasking in their business.

However, many people who may understand that multitasking is not effective. A think that they are the exception to the rule, because they know how to multitask even better than the average person.

And when people think this, these are the people who should stop multitasking first. As studies show that while everybody is bad at it. The people who think they are good at multitasking are actually the worst.

If everybody realizes that it is far more effective to focus on one task until it is completed. And then move on to that task. Then people would be able to get more accomplished, and do better quality work as well.

However, it can be extremely difficult to avoid multitasking. Especially in today’s business world, where there are so many devices that have business owners use, that can cause interruptions and distractions.

Computers and cell phones were initially supposed to help entrepreneurs. By helping them stay connected, and communicate. However, they truly are not helping people stay connected as much as they help people stay distracted.

This is why most entrepreneurs business coach will say that they should turn their cell phone off or to silent. For the duration of their business day. So that they are not distracted by the notifications.

Whether it is social media notifications, text messages, phone calls or emails. All of these alarms going off on their phone can be such a huge distraction. Robbing an entrepreneur of their productivity in their day.

There is always going to be time that a business owner can check their cell phone, return voicemails. And answer important emails. But when it is time for focused concentration.

By having their cell phone turned to silent, can eliminate these distractions. The sooner an entrepreneur does this, the sooner they are going to be able to get a lot more accomplished in their business.

And seeing as how many business owners overestimate what they can accomplish in their first year of business. Eliminating distractions will help them accomplish is much as they possibly can.

It can be very difficult for entrepreneurs to avoid multitasking according to their business coach. Because so much of the business world has so many interruptions that can distract a business owner at their strategic priorities.

However, a business owner needs to keep in mind. That these distractions and interruptions. Are not serving the business owner to help them accomplish most important tasks in their business.

In those important tasks are growing their business, and completing their strategic priorities. And is much as email or phone calls may seem very important to respond to.

If a business owner works their entire day by responding to emails that come into their business. They are actually not going to grow their business, because they are going to be working on other people’s priorities.

When business owners learn that it is okay to let the phone go to voicemail. And to let the emails go unanswered for certain period of time. And to set aside time in their day to respond to those.

That is when entrepreneurs will truly start being productive in their business. Because they are eliminating and minimizing interruptions and distractions according to their business coach.

However, if a business owner wants to truly eliminate as many distractions as they possibly can. They should put their staff on the same schedule as they are on.

In the reason why, is because when the staff has focused work time. They will be working on their own tasks. And less likely to interrupt the business owner during this time.

They also can let the phone go to voicemail, and not answer emails. Because there will be time to do that later. And when they can focus on their tasks for an uninterrupted amount of time.

Not only can they get more accomplished as well. But the staff can get higher quality of work done. That will help an entrepreneur deliver extremely high quality products and services to their customers.

When business owners set up their schedule, they can set up side time to respond to emails and voicemails. But ultimately, there business coach will recommend handing off these duties.

To their staff members, and only have them forward the phone calls or emails that they cannot respond to themselves. So that a business owner never has to get stuck at reading or responding to emails ever again.

While it might take some trial and error to learn how to avoid distractions and interruptions. And a business owner may not eliminate hundred percent of the distractions or interruptions all of the time.

The fewer distractions they have, the more the going to be able to get accomplished in their day. And not only will that make the business owner and the staff more productive. The fewer interruptions, the happier everyone is.

And happiest is the business owner that can accomplish all of their goals by growing their business. And becoming successful.