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Business Coach | Most Asked Questions About a Six-Day Work Week


Entrepreneurs have many goals before they start their business says business coach. From wanting financial freedom, to having time freedom. These are often the driving forces behind an entrepreneur starting a business in the first place.

However, both of these are great long-term goals. But hard work needs to go into the business. In order to grow it to a position of being able to afford an entrepreneur these perks of business ownership.

In fact, business coach says entrepreneurs will likely end up working longer hours, and more days a week. Then they ever did as an employee. And being prepared for this before they open the doors to their business.

Can help business owners be in the right mindset. To work as hard as they need, and put in the long hours required. To reach their goals, so that they can have the financial and time freedom dreamed about.

There are a lot of questions that business owners needs know the answer to. In order to convince them that a six day work week is necessary.

The first question that business owners need to know the answer to. Is: do business owners underestimate the time required for administrative functions?

This is one that almost all business owners learn the hard way. Almost all business owners underestimate the time required to accomplish administrative duties.

They often think that it will take them a few minutes at the end of their day. Or that this is something that they can take home and work on. And whether they work on at home or not.

They typically will get their tasks done. Unless they schedule the right amount of time to do it in their business. Which is why it is important for business owners to sit down with their business coach.

And create a time block to schedule. So that they know that there is enough time to get there administrative tasks done.

And if there is not, that is when they can start implementing the longer working days. And start working with a six days a week schedule.

The next question that business owners need to understand the answer to. Is: do business owners underestimate the time required for marketing and sales?

Not only do business owners underestimate the time required. Many business owners do not even put time into this. Because they think it is going to be easier to find customers that it actually ends up being.

A good example of this, is looking at the number one reason for entrepreneurs to fail in business in Canada. The statistic is that 42% of entrepreneurs fail because they are unable to find the customers they need to sell their products and services to.

This is either because they are not marketing their business at all. Or they are not marketing their business consistently. Which is why so important for business owners to put time into their calendar consistently. To get the sales and marketing done on a regular basis.

If there is not enough time in their schedule to get all of the sales and marketing done. This is when business owners can switch to six day a week schedule so that they have enough time to get everything done.

Why Are You Considered The Top Business Coach Around?


Although many entrepreneurs have heard that they should work a six day workweek says business coach. They may not realize why, or what they are going to need to do on a daily basis. To make up those hours.

Not only will there be more tasks that an entrepreneur realizes. But they also will not have the staff when they first start. To be able work on many tasks for them.

Therefore, every single task in their business, needs to be done by them. Which is why so many businesses can benefit from time blocking with their business coach.

This way, they will be reminded of everything that they need to do in their business. From administrative tasks, to sales and marketing. Even recruiting and training staff. And working on checklists and templates on a consistent basis.

One of the first things that business owners need to understand the answer to. Is what happens if you do not have time set aside to recruit staff?

Most business owners hire staff on a reactionary basis. Only looking for people when they have an immediate opening in their business. Which means they will be without a staff member. While they are looking for the right one.

And not only will it take time to look for the right person to fill the vacancy. But business coach also says that business owners tend to look for staff members in a very time-consuming way. That does not end up with the best person being hired for the job.

By running help wanted ad, excepting resumes, and then reading those resumes to find the right three or four to do a one on one interview. And then spending time doing a one on one interview with each candidate, provided the even show up.

Might take two or three weeks for a very conservative estimate. And at the end of this time, if none of the candidates are the best fit. A business owner would have to start this will process over again.

Which often ends up with a business owner simply hiring one of the people that they interviewed. Even if they were not an ideal fit for their business. In order to save time.

Instead, a business owner should get into the habit of recruiting on a regular basis. So that they can meet candidates weekly. To increase the chances of one of those candidates that they find is a great fit for their business.

Therefore, when a position opens up in their business. They will have a great pool of candidates to choose from. And they do not have to spend time searching for someone to hire.

It is very important for business owners to understand all of the important tasks that need to be scheduled into their day. So that they can see it will be necessary to work six day workweek.

In order to get everything accomplished. And grow their business as they have planned in their business planning session.